Equipment Production Line

KEFAI Machine is bound to give the best purchase experience to you.  Here are the most special production line machines.

Food Packing Production Line

1.Applicable to all kinds of packaging materials

2. High production capacity for food products

3. Absolute vacuum packaging can be achieved to prevent air bacterial pollutionFood Packing Production Line

Ketchup Filling Production Line

1. Deal with the vicious liquids quickly

2. Superior sealing performance to seal and cut bags

3. Cutting knife will not stick to the packaging filmeven it is on continuous shrinkage sealing cuttingKetchup Filling Production Line

Ampoule Bottle Production Line

1.Completely Aseptic Working Environment

2. Adopting pallet packaging to avoid cross-contamination during the packaging of medicines

3. Realize product statistics and equipment running status statistics to ensure safe and accurate operation of production lineAmpoule Bottle Production Line

Oil Filling Production Line

1. Stable and reliable filling production line, less material waste

2. The production process has little pollution to the environment

3. High fillingefficiencydue to the programming controlOil Filling Production Line

Juice Filling Production Line

1. Vacuum suctionto avoid dripping

2. Suitable for packaging of various specifications and models of bottles

3. Complete sets of output productsunder the condition of high speed operationJuice Filling Production Line

Ice Cream Filling Production Line

1.Accurately adjust the flow rate of filling

2. Multiple varieties of changes can be achievedIfyou replace some parts

3. Automatically complete mixing, sterilization, homogenization, cooling, freezing, fillingIce Cream Filling Production Line

Drinking Water Filling Production Line

1. Available to set an automatic washing function

2. Measurement accuracy: ±1%

3. More cost-saving especially for large-scale businessesDrinking Water Filling Production Line

Plastic Bottle Washing Recycling Line

1. Both cold washing, high temperature washing are available

2. Thoroughly clean the materials remaining on the bottle

3. Dry plastic pieces quicklyPlastic Bottle Washing Recycling Line

Cocoa Bean Packing Production Line

1. Grinding fineness is controlled below 7 um

2. Quick cooling and quick peeling

3. The three functions of peeling,grinding, andpressing can be realized at one timeCocoa Bean Packing Production Line

Grab Type Packing Production Line

1. Suitable for cartons packaging, boxed drinks, etc.

2. Replace human hands and reduce pollution

3. Equipped with servo bottle droppingfunctionGrab Type Packing Production Line

7g Vials Filling and Capping Machine Line

1. Extremely compatible for the filling of small dose

2. The whole process is in line with GMP standard

3. Able to realize high-speed capping7g Vials Filling And Capping Machine Line

Cosmetic Packaging Line

1. Automatic pipe dischargeto save labor

2. High precision labeling and punching, anti-theft labels can be applied

3. Accurate detection of scratches and color marksCosmetic Packaging Line

Small-Scale Liquid Filling Machine Line

1. Specially designed with aconveyorfor transmitting the small bottles

2. Standardization and unification of filling

3. Errors can be adjusted automaticallySmall-Scale Liquid Filling Machine Line

Spice Powder Filling Production Line

1. Free set-up to complete production operations

2. Reasonable design, and high quality of finished products

3. Effectively prevent material leakage during filling

Spice Powder Filling Production Line



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