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Introduction to Grains Packing Machine

KEFAI grains packaging machine not only can pack rice, corn, oats, cereals and grains, but also can pack various kinds of granules like beans and seeds. And we can pack different sizes and weights according to the customer’s needs.

KEFAI automatic grains packing system is widely used all of the world. Our vertical grain filling packing machine can meet any customer’s requirements and can package almost any materials. You can contact us if you need a completely customized packaging solution. We will design a perfect food grains packing machine or a grain packing line to suit your requirements.

Top Option for Grains Packaging

KEFAI Machine is an automatic food grain packing machines factory. Our grain packing machine price is lower than other suppliers. We supply plants around the world with equipment machines for automatic weighing, bagging and packaging of grain. KEFAI’s grain packing machines can bring you unparalleled help that can inspire your business.

We have cooperated with many well known domestic and foreign brands. You’ll also be amazed at our grain packaging machines.

Grains Packing Machine

Perfect Functionality

KEFAI grain packing machine adaptive software, with automatic setting of control parameters, automatic correction of fallout, error alarm, fault self-diagnosis and other functions. Automatic packaging solution with high metering accuracy, stable performance, digital display, easier and faster operation. Grains packing system adopts imported famous brand electronic components, reliable work and simple maintenance.

Our grain packaging machine adopts multi-head weighing and high-speed measuring system, which makes the work efficiency higher. In addition, its body and material contact parts are made of stainless steel.

Product Section

KEFAI grains packaging equipment can provide you with choices of more models.

Pillow Bag Grains Packaging Machine
Pillow packaging is a very common type of packaging bag for packing grains. We have four head scales and multi head scales to ensure accurate weight of each bag.
Gusset Pouch Grains Packing Machine
KEFAI gusset bag grain packing machine is so hot at our company. And it also can be equipped with vacuum and nitrogen flushing device to keep grains fresh.
Premade Pouch Grains Packing Machine
KEFAI premade pouch grains packing machine is suitable for packing powder, granule, liquid with bags like doypack pouch, zipper bag, and so on.
Big Bag Grains Packing Machine
KEFAI big bag grain packing machine is suitable for packing a large number of grain packaging plants, the large weight of the packaging is conducive to reduce human power.
Wheat Packing Machine
KEFAI wheat packaging machine is a kind of packaging equipment which is frequently used for packing powdered and granular materials with great fluidity.
Beans Packing Machine
The beans packing machine adopts double head scale packing machine which can pack 8 to 12 packs of beans per minute, with a packing capacity of 25 to 100kg.
Corn Packing Machine
KEFAI uses automatic stretch vacuum packaging machine to pack corn. This is because the vacuum allows the corn food to resist oxidation and thus achieve long-term preservation.
Oats Packing Machine
KEFAI oats packing machine is an automatic packing machine for filling and packing oats. It is suitable for grains and cereals, food, cookies, seasoning, candy and other granules metering packaging.
Barley Packing Machine
KEFAI barley packing machine is suitable for packaging of medicine, food, feed, fertilizer, salt and chemical products. The equipment suits for measuring, filling and sealing granule from 5kg to 50 kg.
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Getting More Information?

You are available to contact us for more detailed information about grains packaging equipment if you want to know more.

Information about Grains Packing Machine


Customer Reviews

“The corn grain packing machine works well with stable performance, and the packaging of the bag type is also very good-looking, which is affirmed by the customer, thank you KEFAI.”

—— Mr. Oscar, a customer from American

“KEFAI attitude is very good, and logistics is also very fast. The quality of this automatic grain packing machine is good worth buying. In addition, the grain packaging equipment is very stable, and the machine is so intelligent, it saves a lot of labor. “

—— Mr. Cynthia, one customer from India

“I want to purchase a 10kg fully automatic grain packing machine, and I found KEFAI big bag grains packing machine online, then I quoted them at once. KEFAI give me a good impression. Their customer service staff is so nice because they were very friendly and responded promptly. I finally got a satisfactory packaging machine for 10kg grains.”

—— Mr. Guna, one of our customers from Saudi Arabia

large package range
Large Package Range
Only one machine is needed to package all products, like granule, liquid and powder. And it is quick for our grains packing machines to change the packaging form in 10 minutes.
Extremely Reliable
KEFAI grain packing machines all have the advantage of being quickly configured, stable and durable. It is designed to reduce wasted time on the grain production line.
packaging materials
Rich Packaging Materials
Grains not only can be packaged in polyethylene bags, but also can be packed in almost all other types of bags like polypropylene fabric laminate, etc.
Excellent Performance
The grain packaging machine can automatically detect if there are unopened closed bags or other errors are detected.

The Frequetly Asked Questions about Grains Packing Machine

Do you have any other machines that can be equipped with the grains packaging machine?

Of course we have. We offer automatic feeding machines for various bag types, and with electric discharge conveyors, checking weighing and metal detection systems and other equipment.

What should I do to use grains packing machine?

We will send you a complete video of the machine installation details, and our professional customer service staff will assist you until the end.

How can I ensure the quality of the grains packing equipment after purchasing?

We will send you pictures of the machine and a video of its operation before delivery so that you can check the quality of the machine.

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