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Introduction to Industrial Wrapping Machine

KEFAI industrial wrapping machine is suitable for food and beverages, daily chemical, logistics and other industries. You can wrap many industrial products like household appliances, agri-food, chemicals, and so on.

KEFAI Machine has a variety of wrapping equipment to provide the best wrapping solutions you need. KEFAI industrial wrapping machines include a variety of fully automatic and global industrial semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine and industrial pallet shrink wrap machine. Next, please browse the products we introduce below, we will help you find the right industrial wrapper for your unique production.

More Equipment Options

KEFAI Machine was established in 2007 and we focus on making secondary packaging equipment like industrial wrapping machine. As a lead world manufacturer of industrial packaging machines, we provide a wide range of various types of industrial wrapping machines. Any product can be automatically sealed by using KEFAI stretch packaging machines.

Whether you are in the food and beverage, daily chemicals, pharmaceutical or other industries, our industrial wrapping machines are suitable for your use. If you like our industrial wrapping machines, please contact us so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

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Faster Working Speed

The traditional manual industrial wrapping machines can only apply the film by hand each time they are packed, and the film is cut by hand, which is very time-consuming and laborious. Unlike traditional manual wrapping machines, our automatic wrapping machines only need one-button remote control operation to complete all film packaging processes automatically.

We can promise that the phenomenon of shrinking of edges will not occur. We believe that our industrial wrapping machine is really helpful in your product wrapping process.

Product Section

KEFAI Machine owns the best industrial wrapping machine factory.

Industrial Wrapping Machine for Food
The industrial wrapping machine for food is a kind of packaging machine that wraps food with tray or without tray and then with cling film automatically.
Agricultural Industrial Wrapping Machine
The agricultural industrial wrapping machine is suitable for wrapping bags of fertilizer and other products which are stacked one by one and has neat wrapping.
Automatic Industrial Strapping Machine
KEFAI fully automatic strapping equipment meets the wide range of strapping needs of customers. The automatic strappping machine is often used to strap cartons.
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Have a Made-to-Order Machine Now

KEFAI industrial wrapping machine can work continuously for a long time.

Information about Industrial Wrapping Machine

What Our Customers Say

“One day I found that KEFAI industrial food wrapping machine is what I need. The industrial wrapping equipment is great and the workmanship is also very good. The efficiency of the automatic wrapping machine is very fast, the manufacturer is also professional, and their service experience is perfect. “

—— Mr. Parmar, a customer from India

“KEFAI manufacturer is really good. KEFAI’s delivery speed is fast, and the quality of their industrial pallet wrapping machine is also very good, which is as easy to use as described. The wonderful wrapper machine is used well and is very stable. I recommended it to my friends to use this.”

—— Mr. Luca, a customer from Italy

“The effect of industrial strapping machine is great, and the bundles of such heavy goods are tightly packed. The efficiency of industrial film stretch wrapper machine is high and the speed is fast. It is the effect I want. I am very satisfied! Thank you.”

—— Mr. Bastian, a customer from Chile

Strong Wrapping Ability
Strong Wrapping Ability
KEFAI industrial wrapping machine has the highest range and top productivity. It is suitable for wrapping any complex industrial products and has the best capabilities.
Our industrial wrapping machines have easier solutions. A fully automatic industrial wrap machine can automatically complete the wrapping scheme of all processes.
Fast and Convenient
Fast & Convenient
Industrial wrapping machines are equipped with an intelligent remote control device, the operator can adjust the automatic wrapping process with one key operation.
High Safety Factor
High Safety Factor
KEFAI industrial strapping machine is safe and reliable. If it encounters an error, the automatic alarm system will automatically stop and issue a warning sound.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Industrial Wrapping Machine

How long can I get an industrial pallet wrapping machine?

The fully automated pallet wrapping units has more advanced control systems and intelligent components which need to be designed precisely to be installed and commissioned properly. So it may take about a week to ship.

What materials can the wrapping machine use to wrap?

Polypropylene film is the most commonly used film in stretch wrapping. And polyethylene film is the most commonly used film in shrink wrapping. In addition, we often use nylon ties rope or PET or PP belt to strap products.

What is an industrial pallet wrapping machine?

The is industrial pallet wrapping machine also called turntable wrapping machine. It is a tray placed on a turntable, and the product to be wrapped is placed on the tray. Then the stretch film wraps the products by rotating up and down.

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