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Introduction to Coffee Capsule Filling Machine

KEFAI coffee capsule filling machines are suitable for filling powder materials such as coffee powder, matcha powder, protein powder, cocoa powder, soy milk powder, Goat milk powder, fruit and vegetable powder, etc. This means that a wide range of materials can be filled using one machine and that cleaning the machine is easy and simple.

KEFAI Machine has fine workmanship, exquisite craftsmanship and strict control of every process. Meanwhile, we have a wide range of different coffee capsule filling machine models. Automatic rotary coffee capsule filling machine, automatic linear coffee capsule filling machine, and so on. Please follow us to learn more information about these coffee capsule filling machines.

The Highest Recognition

KEFAI Machine offers a wide range of professional automatic coffee capsule filling machine lines and coffee capsule filling and sealing solutions. We can efficiently complete the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of complete filling packaging lines for various industries. With advanced technology and high quality equipment systems, KEFAI exports its equipment to various countries and regions of the country to meet the different needs of its customers, and is well received by them. KEFAI cooperates with many major international brands. Thank you for trusting KEFAI and please feel free to contact us.

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Excellent Quality

The coffee capsule filing machine is of stable quality and it uses a sealed design, which effectively eliminates the pollution of dust and other harmful substances in the air and the invasion of mosquitoes. Moreover, the machine is equipped with the best branded accessories, the air pressure gauge and valve are of good quality and the air pressure of the machine is stable. Also, the machine is made of excellent material, high hardness and toughness, which can be used for a long time; the surface of the body is smooth and burr-free, safe and reliable.

Product Section

We assure that all the coffee capsule filing machines are of superior performance.

Automatic Coffee Capsule Filling Machine
Although a semi automatic coffee capsule filling machine is more labour intensive, it is cost less. However, the fully automatic one is easy to install and owns stable performance.
Rotary Coffee Capsule Filling Machine
Unlike linear filling machines, this type of coffee capsule filling machine takes up less space. The rotary coffee capsule filling machine is one of our most popular and hot sale machines.
Multi Lane Coffee Capsule Filling Machine
KEFAI Machine can provide you with linear multi lane coffee capsule filling machines, including two lane and six lane machines. It is extremely conducive to speeding up production efficiency.
5g Coffee Capsule Filling Machine
The 5g coffee capsule filling machine is sealed in an aluminium capsule and the capsule is filled with a non-toxic, inert gas, which has the effect of extending the shelf life.
10g Coffee Capsule Filling Machine
KEFAI 10g coffee capsule filling machine is used for coffee powder, with the addition of a vacuum device to maintain in an aseptic environment.
20g Coffee Capsule Filling Machine
KEFAI 20g coffee capsule filling machine is an automatic wrapping machine for coffee powder. It is a machine suitable for various powder materials.
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Have Communication with Our Engineers?

KEFAI Machine supports the customization of coffee capsule filling machines.

Information about Coffee Capsule Filling Machine


Listening to Our Customers

“I had two coffee capsule filling machines customised by KEFAI. It is a very good machine which is very convenient for us and has an automatic counting function, and you can adjust the weight of each packet yourself at any time.”

—— Mr. Eve, a customer from Sweden

“KEFAI revised several options during the design of our filling line. We have also purchased an additional cartoning machine here. The salesman was very professional and so was the after-sales team.”

—— Mr. Frank, a customer from the Dominican Republic

“The coffee capsule filling machine works well, which is fully functional and saves time and effort, it is easy to operate and affordable, and is also very fast. The KEFAI machine is a guarantee of quality, and the coffee capsule filling machine price is cheap.”

—— Mr. Tobi, a customer from Nigeria

Various Capsule Styles
We offer different cup styles, including k cup, round-bottom capsules, pointed-bottom capsules, flat-bottom capsules, semi-flat-bottom capsules and double round flat-bottom capsules.
Highly Automated
Highly Automated
KEFAI coffee capsule filling machine can automatically transfer materials to fill and fill coffee, and the machine is fully automatic, without manual participation in the operation.
Keep Fresh
Keep Fresh
The coffee capsule filling machine is equipped with a nitrogen flushing device, which automatically fills the cup, the barrel, and the product after filling with nitrogen once to ensure the freshness of the coffee food.
Automatic Filling & Packaging
High Weighing Accuracy
Whether it is coffee powder, cocoa powder, milk tea powder, soy milk powder, medicinal powder or spice powder, this coffee capsule filling machine can accurately and quantitatively weigh the required grams.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Capsule Coffee Filling Machine


What is the filling accuracy of your coffee capsule filling machines?

Our coffee capsule filling machines are accurate and basically error-free. We ensure that the weight error range is ±0.05g.

How do you ensure the quality of your coffee capsule filling machines?

We have a CE certificate and have passed the international safety standard test; we also have the SGS verification report which is certified by the international authority. These complete range of certificates guarantees the quality and safety and reliability of the machines we produce.

Can you offer me a high production coffee capsule filling machine?

Of course. We can offer multi lanes coffee capsule filling machines with exponentially faster speeds. We can customise a suitable coffee capsule filling solution for all your needs in detail.

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