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Customized Equipment Output
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Countries Covered
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What Makes Us Special

  • National High-Tech Enterprise

  • Powerful Customization Capacity

  • One—Stop Packaging Solution

  • Door -to-Door Thoughtful Service

  • Energetic and Responsive Team

Materials of Different Industries

Applicable to All Industries

KEFAI automatic packing machines will offer you the most the most choices of product categories. Our automatic packaging machines can be applied to a variety of fields such as leisure food, pharmaceutical industry, dairy products, cosmetics, cleaning products, fruits and vegetables, drinks, rice and noodles, condiments, tea, skin care products, pesticide, and so on. No matter what type of product you want to package or fill, we can make it happen for you. There is no doubt that the production capacity of our automatic packing machine is far more than the normal ones. Moreover, the machine models are able to be customized according to the packaging needs of our customers.

Main Automatic Packing Machines

Automatic Liquid Packing Machine
KEFAI fully automatic liquid packing machine is able to be used in a variety of materials like honey, milk, tomato sauce, oil, beverage, juice, and so on. The manufacturing material of our automatic liquid packing machine is in line with the mechanical hygiene standards for food processing.
Automatic Powder Packing Machine
KEFAI fully automatic powder packing machine is applicable to different types of powdery materials like detergent powder, pepper powder, coffee powder, tea powder, milk powder, and so on. The automatic powder packaging equipment adopts the method of auger feeding, making it easier to measure.
Automatic Granule Packing Machine
KEFAI automatic granule packing machine will not cause waste of material because it is equipped with an automatic detecting system. The automatic granule packaging machine completes automatically metering, weighing, feeding, bag filling , date printing, air inflation, finished product delivery.
Automatic Filling Machine
KEFAI automatic filling machine is able to be used to pack fluid products whether they are of good fluidity or not. The materials that our automatic filling machine can handle range from free-flowing liquid products to thick paste products. Besides, the PLC control panel makes it easier to master every operation step.

What We Can Offer to You

  • Negligible Error Our auto packing machine realizes a fairly high accuracy rate when weighing the packaged products.
  • Reputation Promotion Our strictly quality-checked automatic packaging machines will bring out the best in your products and capture the hearts of consumers.
  • Preferential Quote The price of each type of packing machine is matched with its quality,allowing you to choose the most suitable one at a reasonable price.
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The Most Distinctive Features

Faster Dynamics
KEFAI automatic packaging machines are assembled from high-end accessories that can ensure the nimble motions. Our automatic packing machine is capable of following the steadiness and speed of the equipment system. The full automation simplifies all the movements in the production process so as to match the performance of the auto packaging machine.
Diverse Packaging
Our auto packing machine is able to provide you with a multiple choice of packaging solutions. The packaging method like pillow-shaped bags, three side sealing bags, four side sealing bags, zipper bags, zigzag bags, spout pouches, stand up pouches, gusseted bags, round bottles, square bottles, cases can all be accomplished. If you have special needs for the packaging, tell us and we will customize a mold based on your requirements.
Clear & Simple Operation
The automated packaging machine has a control panel, on which the parameters related to the equipment are displayed in a quite clear way. That’s to say, your technical staff can adjust the parameters freely according to the actual needs of your own manufacturing. The detailed instruction manual will also be sent for your reference.
Good Seal
Tightly Sealed

KEFAI packing and filling machine can help you achieve the great sealing performance of packaging to avoid leakage and have an elegant shape.

Accurate Metering
Accurately Measured

KEFAI Machine assures you that all of the packaging and filling machines can weigh the material precise to form the consistency of each package.

Why Choose Us

KEFAI Machine has set a perfect system to deal with any issue you may be concerned about. We promise that we will be the top option among the automatic packaging solutions.  Furthermore, we have not reduced our attention to the quality of our automatic packing machine at all. Any auto packaging equipment out of factory must be qualified. The attentive after-sales service is one of our most outstanding features. The establishment of overseas service center is to provide you with a quick solution to fix the problems with the equipment and start your own business as soon as possible.

Complete Qualification
Overseas Service
Mold Customization
300 Monthly Output
Strong R&D

Production Procedure Control

Research & Design(30+ years)
Mold Processing(precise)
Assembly(short cycle)
Debugging(72 hours)
Finished(100% qualified)
Wrapping(film & wooden box)
Delivery(2 days)
After Sales(12 months)

Customers Who Trust Us

  • KEFAI high speed sachet packaging machine owns the best performance I’ve ever seen. There is no need to arrange many staff to assist this packing machine automatic in finishing the workload. Who wouldn’t want an unmanned packaging machine to help you produce more finished products?
    Sweden flag
    A Customer
    from Sweden
  • KEFAI is a packing machine supplier focusing on the reality of customers. Before purchasing the automatic cream sachet packing machine, I have went some other suppliers but I did not see a satisfactory one. Just at this time, KEFAI gave me hope and their products totally meet my requirements.
    Italy flag
    A Customer
    from Italy
  • I just wanna express my gratitude to you for offering me this automatic vffs detergent powder packing machine. This vffs packing machine is very durable and it haven’t appeared any abnormal situation at all so far. Choosing a reliable supplier is really a very important item. Thank you so much!
    Spain flag
    A Customer
    from Spain

More Options of Automatic Packing Machine

Automatic Doypack Packing Machine

KEFAI automatic doypack packing machine can automatically arrange and combine products according to the customer’s packaging arrangement requirements.

automatic rounded corner stick packing machine

KEFAI automatic stick packing machine can present a better packaging effect and the packaging can be customized for you.

automatic box packing machine

KEFAI automatic box packing machine is extremely suitable for the packaging of various specifications.


Automatic Vacuum Sauce Packing Machine

KEFAI automatic vacuum sauce bag packing machine will decrease the noise when it is running in order not to interrupt others. The automatic vacuum sauce packing machine is also likely to cut down your costs to a great extent.

automatic vertical vacuum rice packing machine

KEFAI automatic vertical packing machine is a device of prominent performance. It is the best option for users who wants to get a machine of powerful suitability. A full packaging production line is up to you.

automatic HFFS packaging machine

KEFAI automatic horizontal packing machine is ideal for the side sealing packaging of different materials like powdered products, pellet products, liquid and paste products. Both three side seal and four side seal are feasible.

  • approved
  • patented
  • 24h service
  • delivery
  • custom made
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