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Introduction to Coffee Powder Packing Machine

KEFAI coffee powder packaging machine is designed for various types of powder and granular products, such as milk powder, medicine powder, food powder and chemical powder, and so on.

KEFAI is an outstanding China 1kg coffee powder packing machine manufacturer, exporter and supplier of the finest quality Machine. We have state of the art technology, using quality components and we have highly skilled professionals to manufacture this machine as per ISO standards. The Automatic Sachet Packaging Machine offered by us is widely used by the clients for optimum usage in various industries. Moreover, clients can avail from us the best value for money machine that is leading in the industry.

Your Worthy Choice

The coffee powder packing machine is one of KEFAI’s main products, exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and America, South America, the Middle East and dozens of countries and regions, by the users of various countries praise! We always adhere to the development strategy of “providing customers with the best quality products”.

Tell us your requirements and bag style information, our professional team will provide you with the most suitable coffee powder packaging solution. And you can check more packing machines or packing solution.

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Coffee Powder Packing Machine 1

Safety of Use

The coffee powder packing machine has safety door and emergency stop switch which can effectively ensure the production safety of operators. It has an automatic warning protection function to minimize losses. There is a self-diagnostic function for bag opening failure, in which case the machine will not fill and seal and will retrieve the bag. Besides, there are functions such as positioning function of hopper to prevent dropping, warning function of cartridge heater failure and warning function of cartridge failure. Therefore, our products are safe and reliable, please feel free to use our coffee powder packaging machinery.

Product Section

You can definitely gain a coffee powder packaging solution suitable for your actual requirements.

KEFAI Machine is capable of supplying you with semi automatic and fully automatic coffee powder packing machine. The automatic coffee powder packaging equipment is used to pack non-cohesive granular and powdery products.
Coffee Capsule Filling Machine
KEFAI coffee capsule filling machine is suitable for packaging various powder products, the maximum packaging speed can reach 600 to 800 cups per hour. The machine is of customizable type and can be customized with cup shape.
Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine
KEFAI drip coffee bag packing machine is suitable for one-time packing of inner and outer bags of fine granular materials, which can pack 30 to 60 bags per minute and the packing capacity can reach 5 to 15 grams per bag.
coffee sachet packing machine
As for coffee powder, sachet packaging is a regular one. We offer various coffee sachet packing machines to meet your requirements.
Coffee Powder Packing Machine with Doypack
It is suitable for various granule material in premade pouch style, such as beans, nuts, dry fruits, candy, cereal, chocolate, biscuit, peanut, capsule, seeds, chemicals, sugar, etc.
Coffee Powder Packing Machine with Quad Seal Bag
This equipment is suitable for quad pack sealing bag packaging of coffee powder, which makes the packaging style of the finished products more beautiful.
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Get Your Own Scheme for Packing Coffee Powder

KEFAI Machine promises that we will give you a targeted  coffee powder packaging plan.

Information about Coffee Powder Packing Machine


Listening to Our Customers

“The price of the machine is very fair, the packaging out of the effect is also very good, the quality of the machine is also very good, with so long the whole process is very smooth. The most important thing is that the factory’s production costs have also come down.”

——Mr. Canton, a customer from Mexico

“We compared many 1kg coffee powder packing machine factories, and then we found KEFAI. I think it is the best 1kg coffee powder packing machine with high quality. If you are looking for a 1kg coffee powder packing machine supplier, please choose KEFAI.”

——Mr. Potter, a customer from Italy

“The machine was received very quickly, the shipping speed is really fast. The machine which we like so much  is affordable and good to use.”

——Mr. Jenkin, a customer from Germany

accurate cutting
Accurate Cutting
The photocell control penal of the coffee powder packaging equipment is equipped for accurate positioning of printed photo mark.
minimize error
Minimize Error
The coffee powder packing machine has 304SS spiral packing for metering. This results in high precision and the error is approximately less than 0.2 grams per bag.
widely use
Widely Use
The coffee powder packing machine is suitable for a variety of bag types. It is easy to operate and easy to replace the bag.
low maintenance price
Low Maintenance Cost
The coffee powder packing machine price is low, so even if there is a failure, the repair will not cost too much. The parts are modularly replaceable.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Coffee Powder Packing Machine

How is the packaging of coffee powder?

The whole bean coffee or freshly-ground coffee is typically packaged in valve-sealed bags or vacuum-sealed bags, while instant coffee is often packaged in vacuumized sealed jars, cans, or other airtight packaging.

How fast is the coffee powder packaging machine?

The speed of a packaging machine is usually expressed in terms of bags per minute (BPM), which is how many finished bags can be completed per minute. The machine will usually have a maximum bag per minute rating. Generally, automated flexible packaging machines are rated at 30 to 300 bags per minute. However, the actual production speed depends on a number of factors. Your product characteristics, bag size and style, plant environment and operator skill level all affect the actual speed. The best way to estimate actual production speeds is to send film/bag and product samples to the packaging machine manufacturer for testing.

How does the manual coffee packaging equipment pack coffee powder?

If you want to package your coffee manually, we recommend that you choose a bag style with a wide enough top opening, in which case a vertical pouch is not for you. Meanwhile, square sealed or flat bottom bags, which usually have four corners at the top opening and more room for filling tools, are very popular choices. Choose a manual packaging operation will be a less costly choice.

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