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  • Absolute Seal Technique
  • 100% Locked-In Original Taste
  • Zero Waste of Materials
  • Powerful Functions

Food Packaging Machine

KEFAI food packaging machine is specially designed for all kinds of food. The food packaging machine is a crucial device for preserving food products. You can rest assure to use the packaging machine for food for the safety and freshness of food products.

Our food packing machinery uses the most up-to-date technology to to cater for the demands of the market. Besides, we can always keep you at the forefront of the market with the latest news and not be left behind.

Our food packaging machine price is fairly reasonable so as to save the cost for you as much as possible.

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Food Packing Machine By Packaging Forms

food vacuum packing machine

KEFAI food vacuum packing machine is able to realize the best sealing effect so it is possible to keep the flavor of food. Both single and multi-piece packaging are possible. The food products are vacuum packed in sealed containers in order to prevent oxidation, insects and dampness and to increase their storage life. In addition, the single chamber vacuum model and double chamber vacuum model are able to be selected by you.

vffs food packing machne

KEFAI vertical form fill seal food packing machine is frequently applied to package such food products as popcorn, potato chips, banana chips, and so on. The vertical form fill seal food packaging equipment can be operated in several kind of languages. The vertical form fill seal food packaging machine is equipped with electric eye detection and automatically suspends operation when no bags are available so less waste can be accomplished.

horizontal food packing machine

KEFAI horizontal food packing machineis extremely useful for some food suitable for horizontal packaging like bread, cupcakes, moon cake, chocolate, biscuits, cookies, and so on. The horizontal food packaging machinery enables the temperature of sealing to be controlled independently by PID, making it more adaptable to a wide range of packaging materials and ensuring the perfect adhesion of bag each time it is sealed.

Food Packing Machine By Rough Category

  • Puffed food packing machine

    KEFAI puffed food packing machine can be used to pack chips, fries, crispy noodles, pot roast, shrimp sticks, and so on. Moreover, our packing machine for food products can adapt to different categories of bags like side seal bag, doypack, etc.

  • Frozen Food Packing Machine

    KEFAI frozen food packing machine is ideal for frozen fruit, frozen vegetables, frozen chicken, frozen fish, frozen beef, etc. The packaging bags can be punched with a hole based on your request as long as you choose to configure a hole punching device.

  • Snack packing machine
    Snack Food Packing Machine

    KEFAI snack food packing machine will stop with an alarm when it is short of the air pressure. The replacement of packaging bags is capable of being accomplished only within 10 minutes. The snack food packaging equipment can be your efficient helper.

Food Packing Machine By Delicate Category

  • chips packing mchine

    KEFAI chips packing machine is a typical food packaging device in the market and can be used to handle different chips products.

  • meat packing machine
    Meat Packaging Machine

    KEFAI meat packaging machine is able to suit various types of packaging bags so that you can select a suitable style for yourself.

  • candy packing machine

    KEFAI candy packing machine can be applied to package some granule and solid products apart from candies at a high and steady speed.

  • Chicken Packing Machine

    KEFAI chicken packaging machine can deal with a variety of frozen food such as frozen fish, frozen meat, etc.

  • Walnut Packing Machine
    Walnut Packing Machine

    KEFAI walnut packing machine is made of SUS stainless steel so it owns sturdy structure.

  • peanut packing machine
    Peanut Packing Machine

    KEFAI pesnut packing machine is capable of packaging all kinds of nuts like peanut, walnut, almond, cashew nut.

Food Packing Machine Features

Optimal Taste

As an automatic food packing machine, no moisture loss is one of its essential functions. As far as some frozen food is concerned, it is imperative to get a vacuum packing method to maintain the blocking effect. Besides, our food packaging equipment is sure to maximize the retention of food nutrients, especially those fruits and vegetables products.

Hygiene & Aseptic

In addition to maintaining the freshness of your food, our food packaging machines also give you the cleanest packaging possible. For special foodstuffs, we can extract all the air from the bag or fill it with nitrogen. In this way, it not only isolates the air exchange with the takeaway, but also allows for aseptic packaging.

Hard-as-iron Quality

We guarantee that our food packing machine is a durable device that can be used for many years. The food packaging machines all adopt the SUS 304 stainless steel to extend its useful life. In addition, the accessories of the food packaging equipment are all of superior quality so the failure is a relatively rare phenomenon.

low cost
Cost Saving

For our food packing equipment, this is one of its most prominent and important features. Our food packaging machine makes full use of the performance of working more efficiently so that the labor expense can be controlled within the limited scope instead of exceeding your budget. Less waste of material can also decrease the cost.

Exclusive Customization

You will be given a tailored packaging plan if you end up choosing us as your supplier. Over years of development, we have established a professional, sincere, meticulous and thoughtful service system. As for some food products, there is no harm in opting for a machine with a multi-head scale. A food packaging machine with a multi-head weigher is able to complete work at a faster speed, which is an unmatched option for large-scale production. It means that food packing machine for small business or medium-sized business can both be fulfilled.

Food Packaging Machine

Company Advantage

photos with customer

KEFAI packaging machines are the products of the best value for money. And the food packing machine price is within a relatively reasonable range. KEFAI Machine is committed to the concept of sustainable development only for a longer-term cooperation in the future. You are bound to obtain a preferential quotation so you do not have to worry about the cost.

KEFAI Machine is a world-renowned brand so our food packing machines are also universally recognized throughout the world. With our food packaging machines developed with low energy consumption and high output power, what’s stopping you from choosing us?

Why We Are Professional

food packaging3
One-Stop Service Platform

Here all of your problems and difficulties can be solved from pre-sales to after-sales. Our ample supply allows you to buy the food packaging machines you need.

food packaging2
Full Testing Report

As a mature food packaging machine supplier, we assure you that our equipment is all sold after passing through a thorough testing process. besides, there are testing reports for you to check.

Typical Bag Type

doypack with zipper

The doypack is failry conducive to displaying the products on the shelf with an eye-cateching look.

quad seal bag
Quad Seal Bag

A quad seal bag is full of delicate design and it is convenient to pack a relatively large quatity of food products.

back seal bag
Back Seal Bag

The back seal bag is frequently used to pack potato chips and other snack food , and it’s a popular packaging.

3 side seal bag
Side Seal Bag

The side seal bag is usually applied to package tea and masks due to its superb sealing perormance and aesthetics of packaging.

spout pouch
Spout Pouch

The spout pouch is widely used for packing jelly, juice, beverage, milk, tomato paste, oil, seasoning powder, etc.

Not Finding What You Want?

Our technical team is waiting for your arrival to supply you with a made-to-order service.

Meet Your Diverse Needs by Packing Various Products

  • When we received this equipment, you sent a professional to train our technicians and gave us an elaborate explanation on this special small packing machine for food products. Thanks for your help. The food packaging machine works very well and it turns out that we do make a correct choice. KEFAI is indeed our most trusted one among many food packaging machine manufacturers.

    A review from Russia
  • I picked an automatic food packaging machine with a vacuum function. The food can be sealed at the best condition and the quality of food will not be damaged at all. The food packing equipment is even adjustable in sealing time. What a fabulous design!

    A review from Japan
  • Made in China quality is no joke. The food packaging machine I buy from here is also top notch in performance. Parts don’t wear out easily and many of them can be replaced for free within two years. The operator can easily use the equipment because all the control can be accomplished by the software. It was so handy.

    A review from Pakistan
Does your food packaging machine only adopt 304 stainless steel?

Of course not. In addition to the 304 stainless steel structure, we can also customize a 316 stainless steel for you.

How does the food packing machine handle fragile materials?

Actually, the speed of opening and closing of the hopper door can be finely adjusted to the properties of the material to be measured, thus preventing crushing the products.

How does your food packing machine package the various types of packing materials?

Our food packing machines are very versatile and can be replaced with different feeders to pack different materials.

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