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  • multi-head weigher
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Weighing Machine

  • Cut Cost: After calculating and comparing the cost of KEFAI weighing machine, we found that the use of KEFAI’s scale weighing machine will greatly save production expenses.
  • Product Variety: KEFAI has a variety of weighing machines with different functions and types, which can be widely used in various fields such as food, medicine, chemical industry, hardware, and daily use.
  • Ingenious Craft:  KEFAI’s engineers have advanced technology that ranks among the top in the world, and can produce machines of excellent quality.
  • Convenient Maintenance: The weighing machine has an intelligent fault alarm prompt, which is convenient to remind workers of timely maintenance.

Product Section

Multihead Weigher

You can choose from double-head to twelve-head scales. We can also customize the others. It is suitable for quantitative weighing of large target materials such as vegetables and fruits, potato chips and biscuits.


The checkweigher machine can achieve multi-faceted integration to meet various production needs. It can automatically detect the situation of multiple or missing bottles, empty bottles or multiple bottles.

The automatic weighing machine is suitable for applications in various industries like food, drinking, chemistry, dairy-use, etc. You also can use weighing machine with a granule or powder packing machine to form a production line.

KEFAI has a variety types of weighing machine, such as intelligent checkweighers, multi-head scale weighing machines, including double-head to twelve-head, and 32-head multi material mixing combination scales. The automatic scale weighing machine can accurately weigh the weight of the required materials, while the checkweigher can accurately detect products whose weight does not meet the requirements. The weighing equipment has high accuracy and strong sensitivity, so you can’t miss it.

Reliable Supplier

KEFAI Machine is an experienced, productive and far-reaching weighing machine manufacturing company. We are committed to the production of stable, accurate and high-quality weighing machines. What’s more, we also provide and customize automatic quantitative weighing and packaging machine systems that meet the various needs of customers. KEFAI Machine has focused on the packaging industry for fifteen years. We have a lot of knowledge reserves and have gained a lot of good reputations. Our monthly output can reach more than 300 units so I believe KEFAI will be able to take you to win industry success.

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Superior Performance

KEFAI intelligent and automatic weighing machine can run at high speed when weighing a single material, adopts a new highly integrated modular design and high-precision and high-standard sensors. The weigher machine has a high-speed asynchronous discharge function, which can effectively prevent material clogging. It can be connected to the packaging machine for use to speed up production efficiency. We pay attention to strengthening the strength and rigidity of the fuselage to make the weighing more accurate. In addition, the machine adopts a separate upper hopper, which can mix and weigh a variety of materials, and the operation is more stable and the reading is more accurate.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Weighing Machine


What are the optional configurations and optional models of the checkweigher?

Our checkweigher can be equipped with a pre-automatic separation conveyor line, it can take the initiative to automatically remove unqualified products We can customize checkweighers of various weights and sizes according to customer requirements.

What is the weighing range of the automatic weighing machine?

The checkweigher varies in size according to the material specifications, and the weighing range can be within 200g to 40kg. The multi-head scale can automatically weigh products from 20g to 1000g depending on the material.

Do you provide metal parts for the checkweigher or technical guidance?

Yes, we can provide wearing parts such as motor belt, disassembly tools (free of charge), and we can also provide you with technical guidance.

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