KEFAI Machine Certification

As you can know, KEFAI Machine is a qualified packing and filling machine supplier. The following are some of our certifications for you to refer to:


  • Certificate Of Registration: Used to prove our legitimacy and limit our business scope.
  • CE(Certification of Conformity): A passport for our products to enter the European market, indicating that our products meet the basic requirements of the directive and are allowed to circulate freely in the EU market.
  • Quality Management System Certificate: To demonstrate our ability to meet customers’ requirements and provide them with qualified products or services; it is conducive to promoting our improvement of product or service quality.
  • Letter of Patent: To prove that our patents are legitimate and authorized; it is one of the necessary conditions for applying for high-tech enterprises.
  • Test Report: Used to reflect the product quality information comprehensively and objectively, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
  • SGS Report: Able to carry out comprehensive inspection and verification to prove that our entire process and service are in line with domestic and international standards.






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