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Introduction to Meat Packaging Machine

KEFAI meat packaging machines are applicable to both raw meat and cooked meat. The meat packing equipment is a saleable food packaging machine model. The meat packing machine is equipped with a touching screen for the operator to adjust the parameters.

Our meat packaging equipment Our machines can produce as much as you need and help you shorten the production time. The modernized production workshop  allows us to carry out large-scale production and efficiently complete the prescribed packaging volume. In addition, the most outstanding quality and the most competing price will be both provided to you.

Quantity and Quality Guaranteed

KEFAI packing machines own the best quality to attract plenty of customers. KEFAI Machine is best at what we do and our products especially the meat packaging machine foster great customer interest. Our meat packing machine factory is waiting for your arrival and visiting. Our salesman will provide you with the technical support to solve your doubts through the telephone or other forms. The professional engineers are able to supply the on-site training of installing and debugging to you. We can fulfill the customization needs according to your opinions.

meat packing
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Prominent Brand Credibility and Visibility

The developing force of an enterprise lies in fixed groups of customers so that we can be aware of the significance of elevating the brand reputation. Product quality has always been our priority to everything. To produce a good packaging machine, it is necessary to match the good configuration, especially the core components. Our meat packaging machines are all top brand parts, so their quality is ace. Furthermore, our packaging materials are also of high quality, which will not cause leakage or sticky problems in packaging to affect your brand image.

Product Section

KEFAI meat packaging machine will become the most competent provider for meat packing.

Meat Vacuum Packaging Machine
KEFAI meat vacuum packing machine allows you to choose from single chamber model and double chamber model.
Pillow Meat Packaging Machine
KEFAI pillow bag meat packaging machine has stable performance and it is a cost effective machine model.
Vertical Meat Packaging Machine
KEFAI vertical meat packaging machine is an automatic model that will decrease the labor cost to a large extent.
Poultry Packaging Machine
The parts of KEFAI poultry packaging machine that come in contact with the products are made of hygienic 304 stainless steel.
Beef Jerky Packaging Machine
KEFAI beef jerky packaging machine is suitable for a great number of packing films such as PE, PVC, PP, and so on.
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Wanna Explore More Models about Meat Packing Machine?

Contact us to get more detailed information about our meat packaging machine.

Information about Meat Ice Packing Machine

Customer Reviews

“The meat packaging machine is of great importance for me. It helped my factory deal with all kinds of meat products so that I could deliver the goods on time. Thank you so much!”

——Hymen, a customer from Canada

“I decided to buy a minced meat packing machine and the I found KEFAI was a perfect option for me. They solved all my problems and offered me the most useful and practical solution. The minced meat packing machine works very well and is very easy to operate.”

—Matteus, a customer from Turkey

“Good brand reputation derives from the accumulation of long-term consumer reputation, and is rooted in the quality of the product. KEFAI Machine lets me see the superior quality of their meat packing machine. They are the best meat packaging machine manufacturer.”

—— Adler, a customer from Denmark

High Temperature Resistance
High Temperature Resistance
Our meat packing machine adopts the parts of top line that can extend the useful life of the equipment. Both the accessories and the spare parts derive from known brands. In addition, the meat packaging equipment is capable of running at high temperature rather than operate badly. That’s to say, our meat packing machine will not easily break down.
Consistent Effect
The traditional process is mainly to select food products by hand, so it is easy to appear the phenomenon of food fragmentation, food moisture or uneven finished products. Our meat packaging machine is able to accurately screen meat products and preserve the integrity of food to the greatest extent, thus reducing the loss of merchants.
attractive packaging
Transparent & Attractive
During the process of vacuum packaging, the meat products are packed in a transparent packing form. This packaging method is not controlled by the type of product shape, and it can fit the different materials quickly. More importantly, the transparent form allows consumers to see the inside content of the bag.
Convenient Handling
In order to bring customers the biggest convenience, our meat packaging equipment utilizes a compact packaging for storage and shipment. The packaging bags are made of light texture and the amount used is not large at all. In this way, the packing cost of the meat packing machine can be saved a lot.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Meat Packaging Machine


What items do I need to notice about the meat packaging machine?

As a matter of fact, you should pay attention that energize power after connecting air when it is working, and connect air after energizing power when stopping.

Does the meat packing machine make noise?

No. Our meat packaging machines keep noise levels at all times due to the special design.

Is the meat packing machine easy to maintain and repair?

Yes. The meat packaging equipment actually owns a delicate design and it can be easily disassembled for maintenance.

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