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Intelligent Control

KEFAI granule packaging machines adopts PLC control with stable and reliable high precision output and color touch screen. Functions like bag making, measuring, filling, printing and cutting are all done in one operation. The adjustment of bag deviation is only controlled by touch screen. The operation is very easy, and you just need to tap the interface with your finger to complete all operations. Our granule packaging machines own closed mechanism to discharge the powder into the inside of the machine. All parts that come in contact with the product are 304 stainless steel or food grade plastic. We are also able to make 316 stainless steel if required.

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Product Description

KEFAI granule packaging machine is a very important packaging equipment used in various food and non-food industries. In fact, it is a vertical type filling and sealing machine for granules. The granular packaging machine is ideal for packaging products with good flow such as rice, sugar, chocolates, candies, cookies, snacks, cereals, grains, nuts, peanuts, seeds, popcorn, chips, tea, coffee, pills, tablets, hardware, etc.

The granule packing machines for sale in our company enjoy absolutely good performance and affordable prices. Besides, there are various types of granule packing machines available, such as small granule packing machine, automatic granule packaging machine, semi automatic granule filling machine, and super efficient multi head weighing and packaging machine. And we support the service of customizing machines to meet your unique requirements. Welcome to contact us to get the best price.

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Particular Points to Attract Customers

KEFAI granule packaging equipment is able to maximaize your profits and provide you with an automatic production line.

  • Rapid Changeover
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Low Failure Rate
  • Variety of Package Styles
Sugar Packing Machine
This type of our granule packing machine is suitable for many granular materials. Such as sugar, coffee, seeds, nuts, peanuts, etc small granules.
Our automatic tea filling and sealing machine is suitable for double bag packing of tea, medicinal tea, health tea and other small granular materials.
Salt Packing Machine
The VFFS machine with volumetric cup for granules consists of an automatic single hopper lift, volumetric cup device, bag maker and date printing device.
Grains Packing Machine
This grains packaging machine uses an integrated forming device for easy and quick bag size change. And it is suitable for most of the laminated heat seal films.
Tablet Packing Machine
This is a horizontal packaging machine which is mainly packaging pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial products in the round flake and round granular materials.
Rice Packing Machine
It equipped with a Z shape bucket elevator and combination scale, it is widely applied to many particles. It reduces manual involvement.

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Distinguished Characteristics

fully automatic
Fully Automatic Function
The granule packing machine can automatically complete the functions of bag-making, measuring, feeding, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, and printing, and can increase the function of easy tearing.
wide packaging range
Wide Packaging Range
KEFAI granule packing machine can be equipped with different feeding systems for packaging granular, liquid and powder products. And it can be equipped with step less frequency adjustment system.
low cost
Low Cost
KEFAI granule packaging equipment is a low price granule packing machine. We have set a much lower price for the sake of our customers compared to our peer suppliers.
High Quality
High Quality
KEFAI granule packaging machines are a high quality granule packing machine. With the advantages of a high precision, high stability, and low failure rate.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Granule Packing Machine


What can I do if I have a problem of the granule packing machine?

If you encounter a problem and it is beyond your ability to solve, please contact our customer service staff and we will have a professional answer for you. If necessary, we can make a video call to discuss the problem and we will guide you through the operation process.

Do you have physical pictures and detail pictures of the granule packing machine that I can see?

Yes, we can take physical pictures of the granule packing machine for you as well as videos of the granule packing machine in working operation. If you need, you can send us samples of film or bags and we can take photos and videos of the packaging effect of your samples used on the machine.

How long is the warranty on your granule packing machines?

Our granule packing machines have a one-year warranty. During this period, you can tell us about any non-human damage to the equipment and we will replace the parts for free.

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