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Introduction to Salt Packing Machine

KEFAI salt packing machine is used to package different kinds of salt. The salt packaging machine is frequently used in food industry and chemical industry. KEFAI salt packaging machines can all make the packaging of salt products have a beautiful and neat seal, which can better help you promote the sales of your salt products.

Our salt packaging machines have no problem working at high loads. The super long service life allows it to last a long time. Our salt packaging equipment can provide you with a wide variety of machine options. Even the customized salt packing machine can also be supplied to you. We will offer you an exclusive salt packing machine based on your actual needs.

Variety of Products

KEFAI packaging machines have an extremely affordable offer. We have taken the interests of our customers into consideration. The price of our salt packing machines will definitely meet your expectations. Our salt packing machine price is the lowest price we can give. We are a leader in the solutions of salt packaging.

Whether it is manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic salt packaging machines, we have them all covered. For salt makers with modest budgets, manual salt packing machines are best. However, if you have sufficient funds, choosing a fully automatic salt packing machine will greatly improve your production efficiency.

Salt Packing Machine
automatic production line

Superb Performance

KEFAI Machine has been working hard to make our salt packing machines accepted by more people. A product without good quality will lead to no good sales. Improving the performance of our salt packing equipment is something we have been working on. Our salt packaging machine is capable of operating for a long time without interruption.

The salt packing machine will not make a harsh sound when running, instead it runs with a relatively low sound. KEFAI salt packaging machines have a quite low weighing error to accomplish a more accurate weight packaging of salt products.

Product Section

KEFAI Machine is an experienced salt packing machine supplier and you can trust us.

Edible Salt Packing Machine
KEFAI edible salt packaging machine can be applied to pack various edible salt products such as raw salt, refined salt, low-sodium salt, iodized salt, non-iodized salt, zinc-added salt, blood-enriching salt, anti-caries salt, vitamin B2 salt, etc.
Industrial Salt Packing Machine
KEFAI industrial salt packing machine is able to be used to package many industrial salt products like sea salt, mine salt, lake salt, etc. Our industrial salt packaging machine is able to ensure that different types of bags can be changed within 10 minutes.
Prepack Salt Packing Machine
KEFAI premade pouch salt packaging machine is able to reduce the production costs by improving the production efficiency. And the salt pouch packing machine has better storage capacity than some other packs.
Pillow Bag Salt Packing Machine
KEFAI pillow bag salt packaging machine supports rapid adjustment of salt package size, which is an extremely convenient design for you.
Salt Sachet Packing Machine
KEFAI sachet salt packaging machine is usually applied to package salt with a small bag. It tends to be more suitable for small-scale enterprises.
Doypack Salt Packing Machine
KEFAI doypack salt packaging machine has a changeable length and width of bags, which is a time-saving process.
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KEFAI Machine is a professional salt packing machine manufacturer and you are able to gain a made-to-order scheme.

Information about Salt Packing Machine


Customer Reviews

“There is a range of salt packing machines of different packaging volume. But the 1 kg salt packing machine is the most suitable one for us so we selected it quickly. It is very easy to change the packaging film when the film is run out. The price of the 1 kg salt packaging equipment is also within our payment range.”

—— Daniel, a customer from Iceland

“KEFAI Machine is a reliable brand and worthy of our trust. I’ve made multiple purchases and I’ve never been disappointed. Both power and performance of the salt packaging machine are of great excellence. Thank you very much!”

—— Dylan, a customer from the United Kingdom

“I really love the compact design of the salt packing machine since it can almost fit all the spaces. That is to say, its small structure makes it possible to be moved anywhere. It’s really nice not to take up space. What an awesome salt packing machine and supplier!”

—— Alex, a customer from Greece

grinding precision
Little Particles
As for food industry, the fineness of salt is of great importance. The finer the salt, the more convenient it is for people to cook. Out salt packing machine is equipped with an auger which can make the salt products have a subtler ingredient.
smooth use
Low Maintenance
KEFAI salt packaging machine is designed with a compact and simple construction. In this way, the salt packing equipment has fewer areas to clean and can realize an easier removal of parts when maintenance or repairs are required.
Sturdy Package
We all know that salt is a corrosive material that is relatively tough to package. KEFAI Machine can help you solve this problem. The packaging materials of our salt packaging equipment are all erosion-resisting and firm.
Not Dangerous
The operating instructions and safety devices have been ready for your operator. Once a fault or other abnormal situation occurs, our salt packaging machines will automatically alarm at once.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Salt Packing Machine


How to repair the salt packaging machine?

Actually, you do not have to worry about this since our salt packaging machines are one year warranty, which means that we can help you maintain the equipment for free.

Is it easy to operate the salt packing machine?

Yes. Our salt packaging equipment is extremely user-friendly, and even the unskilled people can learn to the operation steps easily.

Can the safety of the salt packaging machine operator be guaranteed?

Yes. KEFAI salt packing machines are equipped with a safety protection device to avoid the occurance of this kind of accident.

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