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Introduction to Shampoo Filling Machine

KEFAI shampoo filling machines are able to be applied to fill paste with viscosity like face cream, honey, tomato paste, glue except for shampoo. The shampoo filling machine is suitable for different bottles and is widely used in daily chemical industry.

Our shampoo filling equipment can be directly delivered to our clients and there is no third party involvement. In other words, you will gain the factory price of the shampoo filling machine. Here you do not be worried that you can not find the suitable shampoo filling machine, since we have powerful customization capacity. We can manufacture the best shampoo filling equipment to fulfill your needs.

Good Reputation Supplier

KEFAI filling machine has received the appreciation from many clients who have ever chosen to purchase our shampoo filling machines and other kinds of devices. We promise that our shampoo filling equipment is efficient and reliable. Based on the feedback of our users, the excellent durability of the shampoo filling machine has been unanimously affirmed by them.

If you do not know the appropriate shipping scheme, KEFAI Machine is quite pleased to provide you with the most suitable one.  Besides, our clients can obtain some free wearing parts about the shampoo filling equipment.

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Supplying Perfect Technical Service

KEFAI shampoo filling machine is a device with compact structure so it is relatively easy to install. Our engineers are able to help you complete the installation of the shampoo filling equipment. In addition, our after-sales service staff will reply to you if you have any inquiry to us.

As an expert in shampoo filling machine, KEFAI Machine is capable of offering you the best and most cost-effective filling solutions. The distant video call for the guidance of the equipment operation and debugging can be realized, too.

Product Section

KEFAI shampoo filling machine is able to solve the filling problems for you.

Automatic Shampoo Filling Machine
KEFAI can manufacture both semi automatic shampoo filling machine and fully automatic shampoo filling machine.
Manual Shampoo Filling Machine
KEFAI manual shampoo filling machine is a tabletop machine model, which is extremely suitable for family production.
Spout Bag Shampoo Filling Machine
This kind of shampoo filling machine is different from other bottle filling devices. The spout bag shampoo filling machine is used to fill liquid into the spout bag.
Shampoo Bottle Filling Machine
KEFAI shampoo bottle filling machine can quickly complete the filling work depending on the sensitive and advanced filling system.
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Customize the Shampoo Filling Machine?

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Information about Shampoo Filling Machine

What Our Customers Say

“We love our sachet shampoo filling machine and your technical support is very incredible. So far, this shampoo filling equipment works very well and has super stable performance. And I want to thank your team for your professional technical support.”

——Emerson, a customer from Ukraine


“I would like to express my gratitude for your quick response. You are quite patient in the revision of offered quotation and you helped me revise the quotation for more than ten times. KEFAI provides me with creative effective filling solutions. Thank you very much!”

——Zayn, a customer from Serbia


“We have received the shampoo filling machine and the additional accessories. And now the shampoo filling equipment appears to work perfectly. My boss was very satisfied with the running results. We are looking forward to the next order and we will choose Kefai at first if we have needs.”

——Andre, a customer from Francisco

The appearance of the shampoo filling equipment is made from the top-level steel, the 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel is capable of avoiding the corrosion and rust of the equipment body.
Accurate Filling
Accurate Filling
KEFAI fully automatic shampoo filling machine adopts the servo motor drive mode so that the filling speed is extremely steady. Besides, the shampoo filling equipment can fill paste for a long time.
Zero Dripping
Zero Dripping
The shampoo filling machine is able to achieve submerged filling by changing the filling nozzle so that it will not foam easily. It is equipped with the anti-drip device so as to realize no dripping.
Convenient Design
Convenient Design
For shampoo bottle filling machine, it is quite easy to replace bottles of different sizes or shapes. There is even no need to take time to change some parts, which is quick and convenient.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Shampoo Filling Machine

Is the shampoo filling machine easy to operate?

Yes. We can assure you that the shampoo filling equipment can be fairly user-friendly. Our automatic shampoo filling machines are equipped with the smart display screen. The parameters can be displayed and adjusted on the screen.

How to choose a suitable shampoo filling machine?

If you can nor decide to choose which model, our specialized engineers are able to assist you with the selection.

Can you offer the shampoo filling line?

Yes. We are also capable of providing the whole production line of the shampoo filling, which can save much more time and energy.

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