Cheese Packaging Machine

Introduction to Cheese Packaging Machine

KEFAI cheese packing machine can be used to handle paste food like cheese. In addition, the cheese packaging equipment is able to be applied to non-food industries such as medical industry, daily chemical industry, etc. Our cheese packaging machine is capable of thermoforming the cheese so as to decrease the cost and energy for you.

Our cheese packaging machines are fairly smart in the operation system. The operator can control the machine parameters through the intelligent system. Our cheese packaging machine uses cursor electric eye tracking, which can control the accuracy to a little value. We can offer you the lowest factory price of the cheese packaging machine.

Rapid Treatment and Solution

Thousands of users have bought packing machines in KEFAI Machine. No matter what model you like, we have the right corresponding equipment for you. You can quickly gain a suitable machine through our professional’s suggestion. You do not have to worry about delivery issues because our standard cheese packaging machines are able to be sent to you in two or three days. If you purchase a small cheese packaging equipment, we can deliver it to your production factory so as to save your time and expense.

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Cheese Packaging Machine1

Responsive and Thoughtful After-Sales

As far as a packaging machine manufacturer’s concerned, it is of much significance to have a perfect service system. As long as you consult us, our customer service staff will make a response to you right now on normal working days. Once you purchase our cheese packaging machine, it means that you are able to enjoy a free warranty within twelve months since the day you purchase. KEFAI Machine will send technicians to repair your cheese packaging equipment, and all charges are covered by us within the warranty period.

Product Section

KEFAI cheese packaging machine can deal with cheese or other products in multiple ways.

Cheese Flow Wrapping Machine
KEFAI cheese flow wrapping machine is equipped with a conveyor for conveying the cheese or other products to the  discharge outlet, which is extremely efficient.
Cheese Vacuum Packing Machine
KEFAI cheese vacuum packing machine allows you to be equipped with a nitrogen injection to keep cheese fresh if you make us as your ultimate choice.
Cheese Vertical Packing Machine
KEFAI cheese vertical form fill seal packing machine is suitable for a variety of rolled film materials. It can realize smooth film pulling with no jamming.
Pillow Bag Cheese Packaging Machine
KEFAI pillow bag cheese packaging machine is the most common model for cheese packaging because most of cheese is packed in pillow-shaped bags.
Gusset Pouch Cheese Packaging Machine
KEFAI gusset pouch cheese packaging machine is extremely suitable for bulk cheese products. And the products in bulk are convenient to carry.
Doypack Cheese Packaging Machine
KEFAI doypack cheese packaging machine allows you to customize the bag former if you find the one we provided before does not match your requirements.
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Gain the Most Economical Packaging Solutions

KEFAI Machine believes that we are the strongest back-up for you all the time.

Information about Cheese Packaging Machine


Customer's Feeling After Use

“I found that KEFAI cheese packaging machine was much cheaper than what I’ve seen before. The cheese packed by your cheese packaging equipment has obtained much praise from our customers. We really hope you can continue to manufacture the devices like this. I am bound to go for you to purchase equipment as soon as I need.”

——Midas, a customer from Luxembourg


“We are so satisfied with your packaging machine for cheese and my boss love it very much. The cheese packing machine can preserve cheese very well and will not cause it to go bad at a short time. The sachet packaging of cheese make it more saleable and more popular. We really appreciate that you could help us a lot.”

——Jubal, a customer from France


“So far, my cheese packaging equipment has run very well. What’s more, it has superb performance so that continuous work is also possible. I saved much labor costs in this way. That is so great of you! Thank you for your recommendation.”

——Peterson, a customer from the Netherlands

Flexible Choices
Flexible Choices
KEFAI cheese packaging machine allows you to possess more options for packaging bags and optional devices. For bags, you can choose from three side seal bags, four side seal bags, back seal bags, and so on. For additional devices, you can select a hole punching device, gusset device, etc.
Premium Preservation
Premium Preservation
Our cheese packaging machine is able to seal the cheese or other products in a good condition. The heat sealing method is frequently used to protect cheese from going bad. Or you can select the cheese vacuum packaging machine so that the products can have a longer shelf life.
Simple Operation
Simple Operation
Following the principle of user first, the cheese packaging machines we designed are quite friendly to users. First, you need to place the packaging film on the support rod and then attach it to the bag former in one direction. After that, all you need to do is turn on the power.
Low Noise
Low Noise
It will be extremely annoying if all the devices are running with big sound. However, our cheese packaging machine is specially designed with a low noise device. While operating stably, the cheese packaging equipment will not make a lot of noise at all.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Cheese Packaging Machine


What is special about your cheese packaging machine?

No matter the dispensing, discharging, or packaging, sealing, they all adopt the integrated design. Hence, the work can be completed more quickly.

Can your cheese packaging machine only be packed in bags?

No. Besides bag packaging, box packaging is also available. You are able to choose a boxing machine, too. The cheese boxing machine can package and seal the products.

Do you support custom cheese packaging machines?

Yes. We can make you have a made-to-order cheese packaging machine based on your needs.

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