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All for Our Clients

KEFAI packing machines are becoming better and better in equipment quality. One of the reason for our enduring popularity is that we adhere to one principle: “ensuring the long-term profitability and growth to our customer employees and the company”. The quality of our packaging machine will show you everything we devote to.

We do believe that the premium quality can appeal to a steady stream of loyal customers. Our packaging machines are also installed with protective baffles so that workers can operate the equipment in a safer space.

Adopting the Latest Technology

The research and development team of KEFAI Machine is composed of five engineers, who have been doing their best to innovate the new model to follow the gradually developing market. Therefore, the technology of our packing machines are catching up with the developing trends. Our components are selected from many famous brands like Schneider Electric, Siemens, AIRTAC, FESTO, and so on. In order to let you have an unforgettable using experience, our expert engineers are also learning the advanced skills to improve themselves.

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Food Packaging Machine

KEFAI food packing machines are all equipped with SUS 304 or 316 stainless steel structures to ensure the safety of food entering the human body. And you do not have to worry about the cleanliness of the packing equipment.

Liquid Packaging Machine

KEFAI liquid packing machines are capable of handling both liquid and paste. KEFAI packing machine is able to adapt to fluids of different fluidity. Liquids like honey, mascara cream, hair spray, glue can all be available.

Powder Packing Machine

We know that it is fairly easy for powder packing machines to raise dust, which has impact on the working environment. But we can help you get rid of the dilemma by equipping you with a vacuum cleaner.

Granule Packing Machine

KEFAI granule packaging machine can provide you with two options. You can choose from multi-head weigher granule packing machine and volumetric cup granule packing machine according to your needs.

Industrial Packaging Machine

KEFAI industrial packing machine can be divided into several types including industrial wrapping machine, palletizer machine, industrial laminating machine, shrink film wrapping machine and carton sealing machine.

Automatic Filling Machine

KEFAI automatic filling machinehas an efficient machine model called three in one bottle filling machine, which combines the three functions of washing, filling and capping in one.  It is a clean, fast and hygienic process.

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KEFAI Machine will be an appropriate choice for you if you want to learn about information about packaging machines.

What Our Clients Say

“We ordered a 550 granule packaging machine to pack our products. We are very satisfied with the granule packaging equipment, especially my boss. He said that KEFAI is a trusted packaging machine manufacturer. We will let you know if we need another one.”

——Darren, a customer from Switzerland

“I require a machine for packing paste in KEFAI. The after-sales service is very timely. You always try to learn bout my requirements. This equipment you recommend to me own good quality as you said before.”

——Jayden,a customer from Spain

“I am from a medical company and the liquid packing machine is exactly what I want. It helped us a lot because the efficiency has been greatly improved. Thank you very much!”

——Brian,a customer from Norway

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The Frequently Asked Questions about Packaging Machine

What about the warranty of your packing machines?

It lasts for 12 months, but the important components can be replaced in 24 months, and online technical consultation can be enjoyed anytime.

Will there be any knife sticking in your packaging machine?

No. The bag can be cut with a non-stick knife, and the sealing incision is neat and firm.

Can your packing machine realize inflatable packing?

Yes. In addition to inflatable packaging, our packing machine can also achieve vacuum packaging, skin packaging, isobaric filling, etc.

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