25-50kg Bagging Machine
  • 25-50kg Bagging Machine
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  • 25-50kg Bagging Machine
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25-50kg Bagging Machine

  • Zero Pollution: Our 25-50kg bagging machines directly package the product so human hand has no contact with the product. In this way, the product inside the packaging will not affected by the external factors.
  • Cost Saving: 25-50kg bagging machine can be used for a long time so as to elevate the efficiency and reduce the production cost of factory.
  • High Precision: The 25-50kg bagger machine is capable of weighing the products accurately. Therefore, it can ensure that the packaging weight of each product are consistent.
  • Strong Stability: KEFAI 25-50kg bagger machines adopt the advanced parts and high-level accessories to guarantee the good operation situation.

Product Section

30kg Bagging Machine

KEFAI 30kg bagging machine is a vertical model and does not occupy much space. The compact structure of the 30kg bagger machine allows it to save much more site cost.

35kg Bagging Machine

The 35kg bagging machine is able to automatically complete the the entire packaging process of bag opening, weighing, filling, date printing, exhausting.

40kg Bagging Machine

KEFAI 40kg bagging machine is quite intelligent and it is equipped with a PLC smart touch screen. The operator can make the right adjustment through the operation on the screen.

45kg Bagging Machine

KEFAI 45kg bagging machine allows you to adjust the length and width of the packaging bag. You are also able to change and regulate the packaging speed of the 45kg bagger machine to make it more efficient.

50kg Bagging Machine

KEFAI 50kg bagging machines use the method of double vibration infeeding, making the whole process of feeding easier. Besides, our 50kg bagger machine is able to be compatible with other auxiliary machines.

KEFAI 25-50kg bagging machine is able to be applied to many different kinds of materials. The 25-50kg bagging machine can deal with various properties products, including granular materials, powdered materials, solid materials, and so on. Moreover, our 25-50kg bagging machine is specially suitable for pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, food industry, chemical industry, etc.

The 25-50kg bagging equipment has two models of different degree of automation: semi automatic 25-50kg bagging machine and fully automatic 25-50kg bagging machine. KEFAI Machine will offer our clients the most favorable price of the 25-50kg bagger machine.

Powerful Technology

KEFAI packing machines own the most prominent quality and the most attractive price. KEFAI Machine is specializing in the production of 25-50kg bagging machine and integrating mechanical research and development, manufacturing and sale. With powerful technical force, high-level production machines, and perfect after-sales service, KEFAI Machine has been a leader in the packaging machinery industry. For more than 15 years, we have not forgotten our original intention, and have been striving to innovate and continuously improve the performance of the machine. We will never let any of our customers feel disappointed.

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Maximize the Running Cost

Customer first has always been our business purpose. KEFAI Machine hopes you to get the best 25-50kg bagging machine for you at the lowest price. We are capable of supplying any model you want. We can assure you that the offers we give are absolutely favorable. We will not blindly quote high prices, all the quotations that we offer to you are the ex-factory prices of the original 25-50kg bagging machines. We have been striving for excellence and dedicated to providing high-quality services to our customers.

The Frequently Asked Questions about 25-50kg Bagging Machine

What about the circuitry of the 25-50kg bagging machine?

Actually, our 25-50kg bagger machine owns a fairly simple circuitry but its function is extremely outstanding.

Does your 25-50kg bagging machine support continuous working?

Yes. The 25-50kg bagging equipment is capable of achieving the continuous production for a long time. The performance of our 25-50kg bagger machine is excellent. The long runtime does not cause too much wear and tear on this packing machine.

Is it easy to install the 25-50kg bagging machine?

Yes. The 25-50kg bagger machine adopts a compact and modular system so that it will be more convenient to debug and install the equipment. In addition, it is easy to disassemble and clean this 25-50kg bagger equipment.

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