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Whether you need a small spice pack or a big bag of powdered detergent, we all can pack it. KEFAI’s powerful VFFS and pouch machine can pack almost all powder products. At the same time, our machines are clean and durable. KEFAI have an experienced team of R&D engineers who can customize packaging solutions according to your product characteristics.

Now, don’t you think it is a great idea to choose KEFAI powder packaging equipment?  We promise that our products as well as our services will do extremely well. Get in touch with us!

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Product Description

KEFAI powder packaging equipment is the machine of choice for filling and packaging all dry powder products. It is greatly ideal for packaging very fine powders such as detergent powder, flour, spice powder, pepper, chemical powder and baking soda and so on.

KEFAI Machine provides solutions to meet customer needs for most line packaging applications. We offer a wide selection of packaging machinery and spare parts for manufacturing plants and industries in many fields. We provide our customers with excellent service and support both before, during , after the sale.

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Featured Points for Choosing Us

KEFAI powder packing machine is  capable of giving you a perfect packaging solution for all kinds of powdery products.

  • Trusted After-Sale Guarantee
  • Great Control Of Delivery Time
  • Fulfillment Of Special Requirements
  • Affordable & Reasonable Price
Detergent Powder Packing Machine
KEFAI detergent powder is always used in daily chemical industry and it is also a saleable model in the market due to the huge need of daily use.
Spice Powder Packing Machine
The spice powder packing machine is able to deal with seasoning powder such as salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, cumin, curry powder and so on.
Milk Powder Packing Machine
KEFAI milk powder packaging machine is one of the most common machine model for powder packing and it can accurately control the length and position of bags.
Masala Packing Machine
The masala packing machine has a fully automatic model and it can automatically measure, feed, fill, seal, print date and so on.
Flour Packing Machine
Our flour packing machine is able to make your package of coffee products better and more valuable so as to gain good sales.
Coffee Powder Packing Machine
It uses only one piece of packaging sheet, which has the advantages of simple structure, low packaging cost, wide applicability, etc.

Powder Packing Machine By Bag Type (3)

Powder Packing Machine By Industries (3)

Distinguished Features

easy to operate
Easy to Operate
The powder packaging equipment is easy to use and most of our machines don't require advanced technical knowledge to operate. Our powder packaging machines feature an intuitive full-color touchscreen interface.
stable sturdy
Stable & Sturdy
The powder packaging machines are stable, safe and of good quality, and these are the feedback from our long-standing customers. We are definitely able to bring you a unique experience.
High Automation
The whole process from the original powder product to the final powder bag packaging is automatically packaged without manual intervention, which can greatly reduce human labor costs.
Not Expensive
KEFAI try our best to reduce the price of our products to the lowest level for the needs of our customers. We have low cost powder filling machine and we pay more attention to everything for customers.

Some Questions You May Want to Know

If you need a reliable and stable powder packing machine supplier, KEFAI Machine is the optimum choice for you.

What are the things to consider when buying the powder packaging machinery?
It is not easy to buy a powder packaging machinery that fits the specific needs of your business , given the many aspects that need to be considered along the way. For example, we need to take into account your packaging  container type, machine price, equipment model, material for making the machine, production capacity of the machine, etc.
What if there is a problem with the product I received?
If you find that there is a problem with your product after receiving it, please contact our customer service staff immediately, and we will respond in time to help you check the specific problem with the product and tell you how to deal with it.In order to prevent the problem that overseas machines cannot find the corresponding parts to replace in time, we will also send some them to you when shipping the products.

What are the characteristics of powder packaging machine?

①The powder packaging equipment is convenient to operate, so the wearing parts are less and the service life is longer.

②The equipment has dust collection setting, which can reduce the dust in the working environment and make it more hygienic.

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