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  • Jam Jar Filling Machine
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Jam Jar Filling Machine

  • Work Fast:  It adopts piston-type quantitative filling, which is accurate in measurement and fast in filling speed.
  • Prevent Rusting: We use 304 stainless steel to manufacture the fuselage. Stainless steel can effectively prevent the rust of equipment from speeding up in a humid environment.
  • Strong Compatibility: All kinds of jars can be applied, the compatible capacity ranges from 100 grams to 500 grams, 500 grams to 2500 grams.
  • Customized: We have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing machines, so the jam jar filling machine can also be made-to-order.

Product Section

Automatic Jam Jar Filling Machine

Semi-automatic and fully automatic jam jar filling machine can be provided to you. It can help customers accelerate production progress

100g Jam Jar Filling Machine

This is a linear jam jar filling machine for many plastic jars of 50g to 100g capacity.At the same time, the filling accuracy is within 0.1g.

250g Jam Jar Filling Machine

The filling speed of the jam jar filling equipment can reach 40 to 50 bottles per minute. The electrical components adopt advanced brands.

500g Jam Jar Filling Machine

The quantitative filling of the 500g jam jar filling machine is quite effective, which can save much time.

Jam jar filling machine is used for the filling of viscous or granular sauce-like materials, and it is suitable for filling all kinds of jam in jars of different sizes. When using this automatic jam jar filling machine, you can fill the jar with many foods like jam, peanut butter, chili sauce, etc.

KEFAI jam jar filling machine can be equipped with automatic stirring function, which is easy to operate. The filling valve is controlled by a pneumatic valve, and the filling head adopts anti-drawing and lifting filling devices, which have higher filling accuracy, and the filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Coordinated-Process Service

We are a one-stop service provider for jam jar filling machines. KEFAI makes products with conscience and focus on equipment. We can provide real-world pictures of physical objects, which reflect the high quality of the real materials of our product machinery. We are the source factory for manufacturing jar filling machines so that you can always trust the good quality of our filling machines. In addition, we have received many positive comments from customers around the world.

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Complete Production Process

KEFAI Machine can provide a complete production line for you. The fully automatic jam jar filling line includes but is not limited to the following machines: automatic bottle management machine, automatic filling machine, automatic capping machine, automatic labeling machine, inkjet printer, palletizing machine, cartoning machine, carton sealing machine and other machinery. Adding a filling machine that can be used alone into the filling production line canincrease production.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Jam Jar Filling Machine

Does the jam jar filling machine have any restrictions on the size of the venue?

No, the machine will not be limited by any site size. The jam jar filling machine can be turned around and placed, and it can be put down from a few square meters to tens of square meters.

Does the operation of the jam jar filling equipment require a specialized electrician?

No, the machine is very simple to use and can be operated without a professional electrician.

Can jam jar filling machine pass the audit of quality control department?

Yes, all of our jam jar filling machines meet the national QS standards. The jam jar filling machines are made of stainless steel and in line with the requirements of food production.

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