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Introduction to Cosmetic Cream Filling Machine

This cosmetic cream filling machine is suitable for the quantitative filling of general liquid and paste materials. Such as solvents, resins, flavours, chemical liquids, etc. It is suitable for filling all kinds of liquid paste materials, as well as a variety of different bottles, jars, tubes and other containers.

The linear filling machine is generally used for the filling of multi varieties of liquid and paste products. KEFAI offers semi automatic and automatic cosmetic cream filling machines, or fully automatic cream filling line for your production that including cosmetic cream filling and capping machine. Many customers from all over the world bought our cosmetic cream filling machine. KEFAI Machine can give you a good cosmetic cream filling solution.

Guaranteed Service System

KEFAI cosmetic cream filling machines have passed several certifications making the quality of the products guaranteed. We have sold our cosmetic cream filling machines to many cities overseas and have received excellent feedback from our customers. KEFAI CHINA is a source manufacturer with many years of strength and have been engaged in the filling and packaging industry for more than 10 years, providing a one-stop service from design, production and after-sales. So KEFAI is the best choice for your cosmetic  cream filling solution.

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Using Imported Configurations

The automatic cosmetic cream filling equipment uses original Siemens PLC or optional Mitsubishi PLC, Japanese OMRON relays, French Schneider switches, German Festo cylinders and large and small ball valve sets, and Siemens HMI. The use of these imported original parts ensures that the overall performance of the cosmetic cream filling machinery is stable, the filling machine is filling cream rapidly and accurately, and it is robust and durable, as well as allowing customers to use our cream filling machines with confidence.

Product Section

KEFAI Machine has mutiple models of cosmetic cream filling machines for you to choose from.

Manual Filling Machine for Cream
The manual cream filling machine allows for small filling operations and is suitable for dispensing of all skin care products from 5 grams to 50 grams. It is easy to use and clean.
KEFAI semi automatic cosmetic cream filling machine is possible to fill cream into different shapes and sizes of jars, containers and bottles of all viscosities from 5ml to 5L.
Fully Automatic Cream Filling Machine
KEFAI fully automatic cosmetic cream filling machines can be used in combination with capping machines, labeling machines and bottle handling machines.
Cream Jar Filling Machine
The cosmetic cream jar filling machine can be used alone or in conjunction with cream production line machines. It is prefect for cream paste filling production.
Cream Tube Filling Machine
KEFAI cosmetic cream tube filling machines are very popular in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for filling and sealing creams, lotions, etc.
Cream Bottle Filling Machine
KEFAI cosmetic cream bottle filling machine is capable of fully meeting GMP requirements, and it is easy to use and is helpful for people to fill creams.
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Establish A Long-Term Cooperative Relationship

KEFAI Machine always desires to win your trust and help you elevate your brand reputation.

Information about Cosmetic Cream Filling Machine


What Our Customers Say

“We needed fully automatic cosmetic cream filling equipment and the manufacturer also recommended this linear automatic filling machine for cosmetic cream, which is suitable for filling a wide range of bottles and materials and works well. The machine can be customised in 316 material and is very fast in terms of delivery, it was accepted yesterday, the production is very stable and the machine is perfectly fine.”

—— Mr. Walter, a customer from Brazil

“I bought the automatic cosmetic cream filling machine because I trust KEFAI Machine. The filling machine for cosmetic cream works superbly and the quality is fantastic, and I will recommend it to my friends to buy it again.”

—— Mr. Charles, a customer from Canada

“I am in the dailu chemical business and recently needed to carry out a project on a production line for making bottled cosmetic cream. The proposal was also discussed with the manufacturer for a long time and the details were finally worked out and we all agreed.”

—— Mr. Rodolfo , a customer from Mexico

Intelligent Detection
Intelligent Detection
The cosmetic cream filling machine can automatically detect when a container is present to start filling and prohibits filling when no container is detected. It also can intelligently detect if the machine has a fault.
No Dripping
No Dripping
The automatic cosmetic cream filling machine has a double or multi head filling gun with German technology. The five-layer seal reinforcement design ensures that no dripping occurs at the end of the filling process.
Easy to Operate
Easy to Operate
The cosmetic cream filling system automatically detects the positioning of the jars, which is fast and accurate. And then it starts filling cream automatically.
High Automation Level
High Automation Level
It is a highly automated packaging machine that fills liquid to the set weight. And the good safety features can protect the operator effectively.

The Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Cream Filling Machine

Is the design of your automatic cosmetic cream filling machines logical?

Sure, all the heights of our cosmetic  cream filling machines are ergonomically designed so that they are not inconvenient for personnel to operate.

Is the quality of the products filled by your cosmetic cream filling machines reliable?

Yes, during the production process of our cosmetic cream filling equipment, we can reduce the risk of contamination of food raw materials by detecting metal parts falling into the product through metal detectors.

What is the margin of error in the filling weight per bottle of your automatic cosmetic cream filling machines?

The filling error is mainly determined by the filling volume, the filling speed and the opening and closing speed of the upper and lower valves. Please ask our professional customer service staff for details. The filling nozzles of our filling machines are equipped with an anti-drip device, which ensures that the filling is free of pulling and dripping and that the weight of each bottle is basically the same.


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