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Introduction to Lubricant Filling Machine

KEFAI lubricant oil filling machine is capable of handling quite a few liquids such as peanut oil, butter, motor oil, beverages, fruit juices, and so on. In addition to the common oil filling, our lubricant filling machine is also applicable to other vicious liquid.

Our lubricant filling machine can be equipped with a lifting structure in order to match the varied sizes of bottles. The technicians can operate on the operation panel of the lubricant filling equipment after being trained by our engineers. The transmission of bottles is extremely smooth with no lagging.

Loyal Assistant in Lube Filling

KEFAI filling machine is able to supply you with what you want or like. KEFAI Machine has owned multiple filing production lines to help you finish the work easily. For instance, our lubricant filling machine can guarantee the quality of lube oil by not decreasing the density of oil. The lubricant filling equipment can finish the task load on time. KEFAI Machine has a superior quality management and control system to ensure the qualification rate of products. Our technical team has abundant experience so they can assist to solve the problems of the equipment.

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Layers of Rigorous Quality Control

KEFAI Machine is a lubricant oil filling machine manufacturer that has developed for more than fifteen years. We will strictly control the quality of each device to be sold. During the material selection, the famous and reputable brands are always our first option. We can assure you that the parts and accessories are full of strong reliability and durability. Before the lubricant filling machines are delivered, we will make them pass through a operation test within three days. Only the filling equipment is up to standard can they be on sale.

Product Section

KEFAI lubricant filling machine is capable of elevating your production greatly.

Semi Automatic Lubricant Oil Filling Machine
KEFAI semi automatic lubricant oil filling machine provides you with two actions: manual action and point action. It has a simple construction for filling.
Fully Automatic Lubricant Oil Filling Machine
KEFAI fully automatic lubricant oil filling machine is able to quickly fill, detect, cap at one time and don't require many manual actions or much time.
1 Liter Lubricant Oil Filling Machine
KEFAI 1 liter lubricant oil filling machine is suitable for bag in box, plastic bottle and so on. And its stainless steel structure is very easy to clean.
1 Liter Lubricant Oil Filling Machine
KEFAI 5 liter lubricant oil filling machine can realize the customization of bottle height and diameter.
10 Liter Lubricant Oil Filling Machine
KEFAI 10 liter lubricant oil filling machine can achieve automatic bottling and quantitative filling, making filling process simpler.
20 Liter Lubricant Oil Filling Machine
KEFAI 20 liter lubricant oil filling machine is able to fill large volume of lubricant oil and configure labeling machine, coding machine, etc.
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Consult Us to Get A Premium Plan

KEFAI Machine is able to offer you a suitable transportation plan based on your actual needs.

Information about Lubricant Filling Machine

Customer Reviews

“I bought the lube oil filling machine three months ago. Your technicians taught us how to use and operate this equipment. And I really appreciate that. Thank you for your generous help. ”

—— Carver, a customer from Latvia


“I heard that your packing and filling machines were very good. After I received the lube oil filling machine and make it run, I found it was indeed of great performance. The operating speed of this lube filling equipment is very fast and it runs steadily. What a wonderful device! ”

—— Ronnie, a customer from Mexico


“The entire lubricant filling machine is controlled by PLC, which is very intelligent and efficient. The response of the lubricant filling equipment is so rapid and it is very smooth to use it. I love this lubricant oil filling machine model so much!”

——  Brett, a customer from Honduras

High Precision
High Precision
Generally speaking, the manufacturing and working requirements of lubricating oil to filling machine are more strict because of its nature. This lube oil filling machine is equipped with a high precision flowmeter to avoid the change of density caused by oil temperature difference.
Reliable & Safe
Reliable & Safe
KEFAI lubricant oil filling equipment is equipped with safety protection devices. It will warn you of the abnormal conditions such as such as low pressure, no filling, no inner plug, etc. In addition, the lube filling machine will automatically stop running if there is no continuous filling.
The filling volume and specifications is able to be set at will, leaving you much space to regulate. Besides, the filling speed can also be controlled by your operator, which is conducive to solving the phenomenon of bottle overflowing when the pump pressure is too high.
The parameters about the lubricant filling machine are capable of being controlled by the micro computer. You are allowed to see every case and running state in the smart touch screen. In other words, no complicated procedures is required to complete.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Lubricant Filling Machine

What is the lubricant filling machine made of?

Actually, most parts of the lubricant filling equipment is made of normal steel. As to the part which will be in contact with products adopts the 304 stainless steel. But, if you would like to have 316 stainless steel equipped, it is also feasible.

Does your lubricant filling machine adopt power filling method?

Yes. That’s to say, there is no need for you to assemble high-level tanks so that the installation process will be streamlined a lot, which brings much convenience to you.

What metering method does your lube oil filling machine use?

We have two metering methods: volume measurement and mass measurement. When the temperature of oil becomes low and the density becomes large, this lube oil filling machine will automatically adopt mass measurement to reduce the loss caused by volume measurement filling.

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