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Introduction to Sugar Packing Machine

KEFAI sugar packing machine is able to be applied to the packaging of different granular products, not merely limited to sugar. According to statistics, about thousands of tons of sugar are consumed every day on the earth. Therefore, it is very important for the factory to use a good sugar packaging machine.

Our sugar bagging machines are specially made for the sugar industry. In life, we cannot do without sugar. It can be said that every household uses sugar every day. And our customers are all over the world, which means anyone can buy our packaging machines to help them make sugar faster.

Best Supporting in Sugar Packaging

KEFAI Machine is able to supply sugar packing equipment  for a variety of applications with you. Our Sugar packaging machines own extremely high performance, and are equipped with radiators to prevent the product from sticking when the temperature is too high.

Our team of R&D engineers has the advantage of rich experience and can customize a suitable packaging solution according to your product characteristics. KEFAI Machine not only  has a lower price compared to our peers, but also has high quality sugar packaging machines. 


Easily Set Up

KEFAI sugar packaging machine can be installed and disassembled quickly. The environment of the packaging machine is hygienic and clean, and the materials in contact with the equipment are made of stainless steel. It is easy to clean and maintain.

You need to remember to cover the sugar packing machine with a cloth cover when not in use, and do not put it in an acidic environment, which can effectively protect the equipment and its service life. If you still have trouble, you can connect with our KEFAI’s customer services staffs.

Product Section

Our sugar packaging machine is suitable for a series of packing bags.

Sugar Sachet Packing Machine
KEFAI sugar sachet packing machine is suitable for packaging sugar products with low weight. A sugar packing machine 1kg is enough to easily pack and fill dozens of tons of sugar in a few hours of work, which can enhance the productivity.
Sugar Packing Machine for Spout Pouch
The sugar spout pouch packing machine is suitable for a large amount and heavy packaging. This pack is suitable for medium to heavy weights. This type of packaging machine can be used if a large amount of packaging is required.
Sugar Stick Packing Machine
This is the most widely used sugar packing machine. It can be used to automatically fill a variety of granular materials with high efficiency. For example, jaggery packing machines and sugar stick packing machines are low cost and high quality.
Sugar Packing Machine In Food Industry
The main application area of sugar is food. Sugar is essential in food, we can normally see children eat lollipops or soft sweets. In addition to this, when people cook, they also use sugar, such as white granulated sugar.
Sugar Packing Machine in Medical Industry
The proportion of sugar used in the pharmaceutical industry is relatively small, but it still exists. Sugar also plays a certain role in medicines. It is made into medicines by analyzing the sugars extracted from the raw materials.
Premade Pouch Sugar Packing Machine
With a kind of premade pouch packaging, KEFAI sugar premade pouch packing machine is able to make the sugar more eye-catching. Therefore, it will attract more consumers to purchse the sugar products.
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Not Finding the Suitable Equipment Model?
If you don’t see anything that suits your needs, contact us and we’ll get you what you want.

Information about Sugar Packing Machine


Customer's Feeling After Use

“I have to give a good rating to KEFAI. KEFAI’s sugar packing machine price is cheap. The sugar sachet packing machine’s work efficiency is particularly high. I think it is a very pleasant shopping experience.”

—— Iris, a customer from Slovakia

” I have never used such a good product! KEFAI addressed my needs as much as possible and the finished product was very much what I expected.”

——Shaw, a customer from Dominica

“I just want to say one thing, KEFAI is so great! I love this sugar sachet packing machine very much! If I have trouble, KEFAI will solve my problem in time. I can’t agree anymore! Thanks to KEFAI, I can have such a suitable sugar machine!”

——Jack, a customer from Jamaica

High Automation
KEFAI’s sugar packing machines are fully automatic. They are so automated that they save workers time. No manual intervention is required during the entire packaging process.
Streamline Packing Process
The packaging machine system is simple and stable, which not only realizes discharging, packaging, sealing, and cutting in one step but also effectively improves the packaging efficiency.
Enhance Productivity
KEFAI sugar packaging equipment works efficiently and quickly, and automatic sugar packing machine can automatically package, seal, and cut, which brings good benefits to the manufacturer.
Low Price
Low Price
KEFAI's sugar packaging machines have always been committed to reducing the price to a minimum, and we are trying our best to meet customer needs and maximize customer interests.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Sugar Packing Machine


How to buy a suitable sugar packaging machine?

This needs to be considered based on your actual needs, which may include many factors: packaging materials, bag size, how many bags you plan to produce per hour, and so on. Please tell us all your requirements, we can give you the correct solution.

Why to choose your sugar packaging machine?
Because we have excellent quality packaging equipment. The reason why we dare to say that we are excellent packaging machinery is that we have close cooperation with customersfrom the design to the delivery.  Our goal is to to become the most respected, most trusted sugar packaging machinery manufacturers.
Can different types of sugar be packed in sugar packaging machines?

Yes. Our sugar packaging machines can be applied to various sugar. Different packaging machines also have different packaging types, everything depends on the specific needs of customers.

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