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Introduction to Carton Sealing Machine

KEFAI carton sealing machines are packaging systems that either vertically or horizontally fill and then seal cartons. The carton sealing machine is suitable for many industries such as food and pharmaceutical industry.

All models of carton sealing machines are available. Besides, we  can also supply you with the made-to-order device to meet customer requirements. KEFAI automatic industrial cartoning sealing machine parts are made of stainless steel in a large area. They are equipped with rollers that can be fixed at any time so as to make it easy to move. In addition, it is conducive to reducing the difficulty of adjustment.


Proficient Skills in Carton Sealing

KEFAI Machine specializes in the production of great quality carton sealer machine suitable for many industries. All our carton sealing machines have CE, SGS, and ISO certifications. Because of our many years of experience in system integration, we can help you to successfully realize your plans about packaging.

KEFAI Machine aims to serve customers, and you can trust us unconditionally. Feel free to let us know what machine you want so that we can show you more details about it.

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Suitable for Various Industries

KEFAI carton sealer machine can be applied to various industries, including the printing industry, the daily necessities industry, the automobile industry, the home appliance industry, the woodworking industry, the electronics industry, etc. There are two sealing methods: manual and automatic hot glue sealing. The automatic industrial carton glue sealing machine has a good packaging effect and high bonding strength. The overall strength of the packaged carton is strengthened so that the carton is not easily deformed or cracked.

Product Section

KEFAI Machine can show you the best industrial carton sealing machine factory.

Semi Automatic Carton Sealing Machine
Because of the high efficiency, KEFAI semi automatic carton sealing machines are greatly ideal for start-ups and small businesses, even the individual users.
Fully Automatic Carton Sealing Machine
The height and width of the fully automatic carton sealing machine can be adjusted manually to suit the size of the boxes. And it is conducive to saving time and manpower.
Hot Melt Glue Carton Sealing Machine
The material needs to be loaded in cartons of different sizes by hand and placed on the conveyor belt. Then the sealing equipment will automatically glue and seal.
Horizontal Carton Sealing Machine
The characteristic of the horizontal carton sealing machine is its high precision and fast speed. These automatic machines have successfully achieved very perfect packaging.
Vertical Carton Sealing Machine
The vertical carton sealing machine adopts the form of top loading, which is suitable for sealing large items such as particles and powders. It is easy to use and compact in structure.
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Enhance Your Competitiveness in the Market

KEFAI carton sealing machines are able to ensure the appearance of the products is neat and  sealed tightly.

Information about Carton Sealing Machine

Customer's Feeling After Use

“The automatic carton box sealing machine we bought is so wonderful. You can’t believe that it works so steadily and quickly. I hope every industrial company could buy KEFAI automatic carton sealer machine.”

—— Ms. Lisa, a customer from San Marino

“This automatic carton sealing machine price is so cheap that I bought it at once. It is so convenient that it can package cartons very quickly. I love this horizontal cartoning sealing equipment solution.”

—— Mr. Micheal, a customer from Germany

“I have often purchased and used KEFAI machines and their machines are of guaranteed quality. The industrial carton glue sealing machine I purchased this time also performed very well and I am very happy with it.”

—— Mr. Sam, a customer from Slovakia

Small Volume
Small Volume
The carton sealing machine only occupies a small area and is very suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized businesses.
Size Flexibility
Size Flexibility
Whatever size carton or style of packing you need, our carton sealing machines can simply be adapted to fit your requirements.
Faster & Easier
Faster & Easier
The carton sealer machine can be automatically conveyed to the boxes and with high sealing speed between 30 and 60 boxes per minute.
The automatic carton sealing machine is flexible and reliable. Plenty of customers are willing to choose our carton sealing machines.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Carton Sealing Machine

What is the workflow of the semi-automatic carton sealing machine?

First of all, it is necessary to manually fold the packing carton, and then put the carton on the conveying roller to adjust the height and width. Finally, the machine seals the upper and lower parts of the carton at the same time to complete the product packaging.

What are the common problems with carton sealing machines?

The front and back-end carton sealing machines are pursuing more integration, which is more demanding. Therefore we need to increase the investment in scientific research and development of cartoning sealing machines with integrated lines.

What do I need to pay attention to when using a heat sealer cartoning machine?

The amount of glue must be appropriate. Too little glue will result in poorly adhered cartons, while excess glue will cause the glue to overflow. At the same time, the paper is susceptible to moisture absorption in the air, so it must also be protected from moisture.

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