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Introduction to Masala Packing Machine

KEFAI masala packing machine is a special spices packing device, especially in India. Our masala packaging machine can be used not only for masala powder, but also for other powdery products such as protein powder, milk powder, soda powder and so on.

Our masala packing machine is a high-level packing device that can give you what you want. If you want to realize an exquisite packaging style, KEFAI masala packaging machine is the most cost-effective device for you. Perfect operation performance and reliable working efficiency will bring you the the ultimate experience. We assure you that sticky bags will not exist and will not affect your brand reputation.

Superb Technique in Masala Packaging

KEFAI packing machines have also undergone various performance tests to ensure its quality. There are large numbers of masala packing machine suppliers in the current market. However, KEFAI will always be a dedicated masala packing machine manufacturer to provide you with the most sincere service.

All of your packaging requirements about masala packing equipment can be fulfilled. We assure you that we can deliver the masala packing machine to you within the specified date. The masala packaging machines in stock can even ship right away.

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Less Maintenance, More Superior Performance

As a prominent masala packing machine manufacturer, KEFAI machinery can offer you the most superb series of masala packing machines. The masala packing machine adopts the international renowned electrical parts to minimize maintenance frequency.

In addition, the amount wasted of packaging materials can also be saved a lot, thus reducing the production costs. The system of our masala packing machine is running synchronously, so there is no need to worry about data loss.

Product Section

We can promise that there is no leakage in the packaging of masala powder.

Pillow Bag Masala Packing Machine
KEFAI pillow bag masala packing machine is able to be the most reliable and economical packaging choice for you. The pillow bag masala packing machine uses the soft package and can be an alternative in high speed packing.
Masala Packet Packing Machine
KEFAI masala packet packing machine is a small-dose packaging device. Our masala packet packing machine can meet the changing requirements of clients due to its superior performance. The packing speed of the device can be adjusted.
Doypack Masala Packing Machine
KEFAI stand up pouch masala packing machines are made of premium raw materials. And the masala pouch packing machine has a series of technical specifications, which can be offered to you so that you can make choices more quickly.
5g 20g Masala Packing Machine
KEFAI 5g 20g masala packing machine uses a method of small sachet packaging. The masala powder packing machine is able to display in both Chinese and English.
50g Masala Packing Machine
KEFAI 50g masala packing machine is an user-friendly packing device because it is equipped with an intelligent touch pad, allowing you to learn quickly.
200g Masala Packing Machine
KEFAI 200g masala packing machine adopts the way of vibrating feeding, which saves much human power and forms a more accurate metering.
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Want to Keep Food Quality the Same?

KEFAI Machine is capable of preserving the masala powder in great quality.

Information about Masala Packing Machine


What Our Customers Say

“This is an amazing model of masala packing machine. The masala packing equipment is of excellent quality, and you can also go to the masala packing machine factory to experience it on the spot. It’s not for nothing that KEFAI stands out from those many brands.”

—— Rock, a customer from the United States

“We ordered a masala box packing machine because we like this kind of packaging. As is known to all, masala powder is in huge demand in our country since it is our necessary spice in our daily life. KEFAI masala packing machine is so nice, and the production volume can meet our needs well. You can always trust Made in China.”

—— Nick, a customer from India

“The masala packing machine is really an user-friendly device. Almost any operation can be done in the touch screen. Even an unskilled person can learn to operate the device. Furthermore, their thoughtful and patient after-sales service personnel deserve our praise. Thank you!”

—— Cyril, a customer from France

Most Original Flavor
The masala packing machine adopted the advanced packing material, which is capable of locking the original taste of masala powder and effectively avoid the loss of sapor of the masala powder during shipping. In addition, the materials of the packaging bags are harmless to the environment and can be decomposed.
The nitrogen generator can be matched with automatic masala packing machine so as to fill the packaging container with nitrogen. In this way, the flavor of masala powder is able to be preserved better and longer. We have three metering approaches for you to select: auger, measuring cup, electronic scale.
High-Speed Processing
KEFAI masala powder packing machine can maximize the production capacity. Quick packaging of masala powder products has great benefits for your production. The increase in output can meet the growing demands of customers, and the reduction in labor costs is also a profitable opportunity.
Sturdy Construction
KEFAI masala packing machines uses the high-end and known accessories to ensure the product quality. There are no cases of missing or empty packages at all. Besides, the parts in contact with masala powder products are made of 304 stainless steel so the masala packing equipment is absolutely durable in use.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Masala Packing Machine


Is this masala packing machine a large size or a small size?

Actually, the size of the masala packaging equipment depends on which model you select. We are able to provide you with both large and small masala packaging machines. If you would like to gain a small one, we can offer you the masala packing device of the compact design and vice versa.

Is the masala packaging machine equipped with a safety protection device?

Yes. All models of our masala packing machines are equipped with the safety devices. We have an alarm system to remind the operator of abnormal situation and the masala packing equipment also has the emergence stop function so as to shut down the machine.

What if I can't find the masala packing machine I want?

It is normal that you may find there is no suitable equipment for you on this website. However, don’t worry, our customization service is just right for you. Tell us what your packaging needs are, your personalized plan can be presented immediately.

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