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  • pillow packing machine
  • factory real shot picture
  • machine side view
  • control panel
  • conveyor
  • finished product output port

Pillow Packing Machine

  • Size Applicability: Even though our pillow packing machine can only be used in solid products, it is still suitable for different sizes of products.
  • Exact Specification: Our pilow packing machine can automatically identify the length of product packaging so as to prevent the occurrence of inaccurate packaging.
  • Intelligent Operation: KEFAI pillow packaging machines will automatically package materials when there are materials remained to be packaged.
  • Flexible System: The length and width of our pillow packaging equipment can be controlled by the operator.

Product Section

EFAI candy flow wrapping machine is usually equipped with a servo system to enhance its performance. And the candy pillow packing machine is fairly suitable for packing hard candies. If the packaging speed is too fast, you are able to slow it down at any time.

Bread Pillow Packing Machine

KEFAI bread pillow packing machine is suitable not only for bread, but also for some other bakery food like pancake, hamburger, donuts and so on. The bread pillow packing machine has an excellent tightness, which is good for preserving the products.

High Speed Servo Pillow Packing Machine

KEFAI high speed servo packing machine is designed with a simple structure and stable performance. The high speed servo pillow packing machine is able to finish the packaging work faster and more accurately, thus enhancing the production level.

Back Stretch Flow Packing Machine

KEFAI back stretch flow packing machine has a function of self-fault diagnosis, and the fault can be shown clearly on the screen.

Reciprocating Pillow Packaging Machine

KEFAI reciprocating pillow packaging machine is suitable for those products with high requirements for packaging and sealing.

Pillow Packaging Machine with Three Servos

KEFAI pillow packaging machine with three servos has some intelligent functions such as automatically sensing the length of the bag.

Shrink Wrap Flow Packing Machine

KEFAI shrink wrap flow packing machine can change the packaging bag freely and the incision does not stick to the knife.

Pillow Packing Machine with Film Down

KEFAI pillow packing machine with film down is just the opposite of the upper film, and the back seal cover of the bag is facing down.

Pillow Packing Machine with Film on Top

KEFAI pillow packing machine with film on top has a a user-friendly operation system, allowing you to learn the operation steps quickly.

KEFAI pillow packing machine is a kind of device only suitable for back sealing. Flow wrapping machine is also called pillow packing machine. The pillow packaging machines can be applied to package solid products instead of powdered products, pellet products, or liquid products.

Our pillow bag packing machines are powerful enough to be operated under high-intensity workloads. Your materials will get an exquisite and smooth packaging if you are determined to choose our flow wrapping machines. Besides, our flow packing machines is an economical packaging solution for you. This is because there exists no leakage of products in order to minimize the waste expense. There are plentiful flow wrapping machines for sale now, and you are welcome to purchase

pillow bag

Top Pillow Packaging

KEFAI packaging machines have been in great demand in the packaging machine market. As a professional flow wrapping machine manufacturer, KEFAI Machine has always been sincere and loyal to our customers. We hold that your satisfaction is our greatest success and the best support for us. The abundant experience in the market has given us a solid understanding of your needs. We promise that you are bound to get a reasonable and satisfactory flow wrap machine price. Your expense will be reduced a lot to make more earnings.

pillow packing machine
pillow packing

Perfect Supporting Services

KEFAI Machine has set a series of matched systems to meet your needs. KEFAI Machine is committed to helping you deal with any problem in the machine you purchase. As for the operation of the horizontal packing machine, we will have special personnel to help you. In general, our horizontal flow wrap packing machines are guaranteed within one year and important parts are replaced within two years. Besides, a free technical support for life can also be provided to you. If there is any quality problem with our horizontal pillow packing machine, you can also consult us at any time.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Pillow Bag Packing Machine


Is the pillow packing machine energy efficient?

Yes. The parts of the pillow packaging system we adopt are the known brand in the world, not to mention energy saving.

What costs can the pillow packaging machine reduce?

In addition to labor costs, our horizontal pillow packing  machine is capable of reducing product damage and waste, material inventory and packaging costs.

Are your horizontal pillow packing machine user-friendly?

Yes. Our horizontal packaging machines are equipped with intelligent touch screen, in which the navigation page will give you directions to operate.

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