Stick Pack Packaging Machine Manufacturer
  • multi-lane stick packing machine machine
  • equipment characteristic structure diagram
  • electric cabinet
  • roll film
  • sealing and cutting device
  • discharge port
  • multi-lane stick packing machine machine
  • equipment characteristic structure diagram
  • electric cabinet
  • roll film
  • sealing and cutting device
  • discharge port

Stick Pack Packaging Machine

  • Wide Packaging Range:The vertical stick pack packing machine is suitable for a wide range of products. It can pack many granule, liquid, and powder.
  • Variety of Pouch Types:The stick pack packing machine can pack round corner back-seal bags, right angle back seal bags, special shaped bags, etc.
  • Good Sealing Effect: The stick pack packing machine sealing device is heat-sealed, so that the seal is tight and the bag comes out beautifully.
  • Fast Speed: The machine can pack approximately 25 to 70 bags per minute. And an accurate measurement can also be reaized.

Product Section

Granule Stick Pack Packaging Machine

KEFAI granule stick pack packing machine is suitable for packaging chocolate beans, lollipop, sugar and other granular products with high speed.

Liquid Stick Pack Packaging Machine

KEFAI liquid stick packaging machine is suitable for packaging fruit juices, beverages, oils, honey, milk, cosmetics, jelly and other liquids and paste.

Powder Stick Pack Packaging Machine

KEFAI powder stick pack packaging machine is suitable for packaging all powders such as coffee powder, soya milk powder, milk powder, etc.

Single Lane Stick Packing Machine

Single lane stick pack machine is suitable for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is easy to operate and safe to use.

Multi Lane Stick Packing Machine

Multi lane stick pack machine has  high speed, high output and greater efficiency. And it is more than three times as efficient as a single lane one.

KEFAI stick pack packaging machine can pack many various materials. You can pack granules, powder, liquid and paste when you use this high quality packing machine. It is suitable for various food, pharmaceutical, hardware and other industries.

KEFAI stick packing machine is part of the automatic packaging machine series, which can automatically feeding, automatic bag picking, weighing, bagging, sealing, printing and coding. We also offer other optional devices to meet the needs of our customers, such as coders, nitrogen filling devices, continuous wrapping devices, perforating device, cold drying devices, easy-tear devices, etc. Please pay more attention to KEFAI.

stick pack

Specialized and Reliable

KEFAI Machine is a professional factory enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales of packaging machinery. Our stick packing machines are made of all stainless steel, and our factory has many in-stock products, the amount of products is sufficient, we use well-known brands imported electronic components, excellent equipment, stable quality guaranteed. We make every machine with care. Our packaging machines are always popular with our customers, offering good packaging features, easy maintenance, easy cleaning and good economy.

Stick Packing Machine
stick packing

Highly Efficient

The stick pack packaging machine has the characteristics of high precision, long life and fast packaging speed, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources and greatly improves the production efficiency. In the process of using the stick pack packaging machine with coding machine, sealing and packing machine can eliminate a lot of personnel labour. In addition, the instantaneous cut off method eliminates the bad phenomenon of pulling, dripping or sticking bags, ensuring the packaging effect. This efficient performance of our stick pack packing machine will not let you down.

The Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a reliable powder packing machine here?

Yes. Compared to other manufacturers to give similar packaging machine equipment prices, KEFAI’s stick pack packaging machine price is considered more cost-effective; KEFAI has established for many years. The series of equipment produced by KEFAI has a good performance level in the selection and skills of equipment, as well as the application, function, performance, quality and after-sales service of equipment production technology. Therefore, the quality of KEFAI’s equipment is not too inferior. In a word, KEFAI manufacturer is a good place for you to buy good quality and low cost packaging machine equipment.

How to deal with the situation where the bag of the automatic stick packing machine is not tightly sealed?

The reason for the problem may be that the packaging materials are uneven, and the unqualified packaging materials can be removed. It may also be the cause of uneven sealing pressure, and the sealing pressure needs to be adjusted. Or because the sealing temperature is low, the heat sealing temperature can be increased to see the sealing effect.

What should I pay attention to when cleaning the stick packaging machine?

After the machine finishes its work, the materials in the silo need to be cleaned in time. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the machine has working intervals and heat dissipation, so as to avoid continuous heating due to continuous work.

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