Chicken Packaging Machine

Introduction to Chicken Packaging Machine

KEFAI chicken packaging machine is the equipment specially designed both for  fresh and frozen meat and poultry products. Our chicken packing machine is capable of creating a good and quiet production environment and helping workers complete their work better.

The chicken meat packaging machine will make you realize a substantial increase in output. Our chicken packing machine can be equipped with several built-in packaging programs to suit the process requirements of different packaged products. And we will offer you a chicken packing machine price with the biggest discount.

Wonderful Packaging Styles

KEFAI packaging machine can make high productivity needs come true. We can offer you technical maintenance and repair manual, installation general drawing, instruction manual, list of wearing parts, and some complimentary spare parts when you receive the chicken meat packaging machine. Furthermore, the chicken packing machine quotes we provide are factory prices to save your cost to some degree. KEFAI Machine is a Chinese packing machine supplier, and has an experienced and innovative R&D team. We believe that our self-developed products like chicken meat packaging machine will be widely recognized in the market.

Chicken Packaging Machine1
Chicken Packaging Machine1

One-to-One Plans Providing

A complete production line will be customized exclusively for you from beginning to end. Here we will design the most prominent and obvious scheme on the chicken meat packaging machine for you. Moreover, we are able to customize a special mold just for you according to the size of the packaging container. For your customization request, you will gain a design sketch from us at first so that we can discuss the details about your opinions of the chicken packaging requirements. After that, we will debug the chicken packaging machine to ensure that it belongs to the category of normal operation.

Product Section

KEFAI chicken meat packaging machine is a superb product that worth investing in.

Chicken Flow Wrapping Machine
KEFAI chicken flow wrapping machine is able to achieve a modified atmosphere package. The packaging style formed by the chicken flow wrapping machine is a horizontal pillow shape.
Chicken Vacuum Packing Machine
KEFAI chicken vacuum packing machine is compatible with all kinds of laminated films and PE films for heat sealing. The vacuum packing machine for chicken can store multiple groups of parameters.
Chicken Bag Packing Machine
KEFAI chicken premade pouch packing machine utilizes the advanced microcomputer chip control to conduct intelligent operation. It can seal the bags in a precise and quick way.
Whole Chicken Packaging Machine
KEFAI whole chicken packaging machine protects the food fibre, prevents the loss of nutrients in meat products and maintains the original taste of meat for a long time.
Chicken Cube Packaging Machine
KEFAI chicken cube packing machine can effectively prevent the exchange of substances in food and avoid the secondary contamination and loss of taste of food.
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What Our Customers Say

“It is so thrilling that the vacuum and sealing functions of your chicken packaging machines can be operated separately. With a transparent machine cover, all the packaging steps can be seen very clearly. Wonderful and powerful.”

——Reggie, a customer from Spain

 “Awesome! It is really a choice you will not regret to choose KEFAI. This chicken cube packaging machine is quite useful. I am really grateful that this equipment has helped us to meet our delivery schedule quickly. Thank you so much!”

——Gregorio, a customer from Turkey

 “Love the packaging of the chicken packing equipment! Your chicken packing machine maintains the shape and structure of the meat product and does not easily allow large changes in its shape. The China chicken packing machine is very brilliant!”

——Duran, a customer from Malaysia

Reasonable Design
Reasonable Design
Our chicken packing machine owns an advanced design and fair structure. The chicken machine is made of stainless steel plates for standard food use, so it is full of high strength, not easy to rust and has a function of corrosion resistance.
Absolutely Aseptic
Absolutely Aseptic
This chicken packaging machine is selected for the preservation of foodstuffs by the method of skin packaging. This method inhibits the rate of bacterial and microbial reproduction and extends the shelf life of the food.
Enhanced Compatibility
Enhanced Compatibility
KEFAI chicken meat packaging machine has a high level of acceptance. The chicken packing machine is able to realize many forms of packaging such as three side seal, four side seal, middle side seal, zipper bag, gusseted bags, doypack, quad seal bag, easy-to-tear bag, etc.
Small Footprint
Small Footprint
The chicken packing machine is designed with an appearance of compact structure in order to bring convenience to wide range of normal manufacturers. As far as most manufacturers' concerned, the less space is more beneficial.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Chicken Packaging Machine


Is your chicken packing machine waterproof?

Yes. The chicken meat packaging machine adopts the stainless steel material which is resistant to water and corrosion.


How do I choose the right chicken packaging machine?

You can just tell me your specific requirements and actual budget for the chicken packing machine, and we will recommend the most suitable machine to you.

Is the chicken meat packing machine energy saving?

Yes. Our chicken packing equipment can decrease the losses to the largest extent and help you save a lot of money on your electricity bill.

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