Introduction to Vertical Packing Machine

KEFAI vertical packing machine is a continuous packaging machine that is suitable for various specifications of packaging. Our vertical form fill seal packaging machines are widely used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily necessities, hardware products, industrial supplies and so on. The automatic vertical packing machine is one of the most popular models in the market.

Our vertical form fill seal machines have the highest price performance ratio. Our vertical packaging machines not only have mature technology, but also have stable quality, which is a current leading option for you. KEFAI Machinery has complete confidence in the handling of product details. Timely after-sales service and quick response will minimize your losses.

Best Solution for Vertical Packaging

As a vertical packing machine manufacturer, KEFAI Machine can offer you the largest support as much as possible. You do not have to worry about the after-sales problem. The service center abroad is just set to provide you with the most considerate and the rapidest after-sales service. After the production of the vertical wrapping machines, we will carry out strict quality inspection on the vertical packing machine. We believe that we are one of the best vertical packing machine factories. All we do is to ensure that your vertical packaging machine is qualified and functional when you receive it.

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Perfect Structure & Excellent Performance

KEFAI vertical wrapping machines are equipped with the intelligent touch screen, in which you can set the corresponding parameters on the human machine interfaces. The design of high-sensitivity cursors can make the sealing and cutting position more accurate. When the vffs packaging machine fails, it can diagnose itself and alert the operator. Besides, the vertical form fill seal equipment is not only full of beautiful appearance, but also easy for maintenance. The advanced technology makes the vertical packing machine gain more and more popularity.

Product Section

KEFAI vertical packing machine is your best choice in the packaging solutions for vertical packaging.

Vertical Powder Packing Machine
KEFAI vertical powder packing machine is specially designed for powdery products like coffee powder, milk powder, detergent powder, protein powder and so on. In addition, the powder vertical packing machine is usually equipped with a valve to have a better venting from the sealed packaging.
Vertical Granule Packing Machine
KEFAI vertical granule packing machine is suitable for packaging small quantity of pellet products like seeds, sugar, small tablets, and so on. The granule vertical packing machines are able to have a consistent and firm packaging form by means of the high-level control interface.
Vertical Liquid Packing Machine
KEFAI liquid vertical form fill seal machines can be used in the packaging of milk, juice, cooking oil, tomato sauce, ice cream, etc. The liquid vertical form fill seal machine is able to change the packaging bags easily. And the food grade stainless steel will make it more convenient to clean.
Vertical Vacuum Packing Machine
KEFAI vertical vacuum packaging machine is able to extend shelf life, prevent moisture, reduce product volume, etc.
Vertical Sachet Packing Machine
KEFAI vertical sachet packaging machine is very suitable for small volume of powdery products like coffee powder.
Vertical Doypack Packing Machine
KEFAI automatic vertical doypack packing machine is able to make the products have a good looking to attract more consumers.
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More Machine Options for You

KEFAI Machine is bound to fulfil your needs for vetical packaging machines.

Information about Vertical Packing Machine

Customer Feedback

“The vertical vacuum packing machine is full of functions and it is very convenient. And the vertical packaging machine can run for a long time without intermittent rest. It is a wonderful design. You are a trusted vertical packing machine manufacturer.”

——Walter, a customer from Moldova


“I love the vertical pouch packing machine so much! It has a relatively small size but powerful performance. The vertical pouch packaging machine can even be equipped with an exhaust device to fit my requirements.”

——Jorge, a customer from Ukraine


“It is a great pleasure to purchase this vertical form fill and seal machine that has a large capacity. The vertical packing machine price is also within my acceptable range. And your after-sales service staff can explain to me with patience. Thanks for your thoughtful service!”

——Hendrix, a customer from New Zealand

Profit Maximization
Profit Maximization
Our vertical packaging machines have a simplified transmission system which is able to greatly reduce the fault rate of the vertical form fill and seal packaging machines so as to cut back your maintenance expense.
Powerful Compatibility
Powerful Compatibility
Our vffs packing machine is capable of completing bag pulling, bag making, filling, coding, date printing, counting, measuring, sealing, and conveying the final products.
Reassuring Quality
Reassuring Quality
With our fully automatic vertical form fill seal machine, you will obtain clean and hygienic products. No manual work is required anymore, such items as saving materials, bags, fees and environmental protection can also be accomplished.
Time Saving
Time Saving
KEFAI vertical form fill and seal packaging machine contains some convenient and rapid functions. The length of bag making is able to be set, and the bag cutting is completed at one time, which is capable of saving time and packing films.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Vertical Packing Machine

Can the motor of vertical wrapping equipment be chosen?

Yes. We can provide ordinary motors and servo motors for you to select. Generally, the servo motor has better performance but higher expense than the ordinary one.

Is the temperature of the vertical packaging machine adjustable?

Yes. The temperature of horizontal flow wrap machine can be controlled by you and a variety of packaging films are accepted.

How does the vertical packaging machine carry out the positioning of product sealing and cutting?

As a matter pf fact, it is an extremely simple process. The vertical wrapping machine can position according to the positioning cursor of the packaging material.

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