General Questions

Are you a factory or a trader?

We are a factory and we have more than 15 years of industry experience. Besides, we can provide you with SGS factory inspection reports, patent certificates, CE certificates and related videos.

Can you offer the one-stop solution?

Yes. We can realize the whole process from production, processing, customization of packaging materials (roll film, bag in box, bottle, etc.) , to the final product wrapping. We can even supply you with the information of manufacturer to save your time.

What is your biggest advantage?

We have set the overseas customer service center, which means that we are able to provide you with on-site installation and maintenance services.

What terms of payment do you have?

There are mainly two payment methods: online platform payment and offline transaction. Among them, online payment only supports T/T remittance. However, for some special customers, we can also accept payment by L/C.

How do you reduce my cost?

We can help you keep your budget to a minimum. First of all, the prices of our machines are the most favorable ex-factory prices. Secondly, for some machines, we will have corresponding discounts. Finally, our machines will minimize the waste of materials to reduce your expenses.

Equipment Questions

How to do when liquid products leak?

Under normal circumstances, there will be almost no leakage when choosing our roller machine.If there is a leakage of liquid when the machine is just in use, it is generally the reason that it has not been debugged well. You can consult our engineers for debugging the machine. If not, it may be because the machine has not been maintained for a long time. It is recommended that you carry out regular maintenance and cleaning of the machine mold.

What should I do if the powder product is dust-raising or stuck in the bag?

We can be equipped with a dust collector or a vacuum feeder. Among them, the vacuum feeder is suitable for sites with high environmental requirements.

What should I do if there is a sticky bag situation in the bag packaging machine?

There are two reasons for the phenomenon of sticky bags. The first is the static electricity generated at high speed due to the fast packaging speed of the equipment. This problem can be solved by using ion rods. The second is that the surface of the packaging bag is too smooth and difficult to separate. At this time, you need to replace the appropriate packaging bag.

What is your production capacity?

Our standard machines can produce 200 to 300 units per month, and the monthly output of processing machines is 3 units. Besides, we can produce 30 to 50 customized machines per month to meet your needs.

What materials can you pack?

Actually, we can achieve the packaging of all kinds of materials. We can even allow you to see the actual packaging effect as long as you send us the corresponding material samples.

After Purchase Questions

How is your after-sales service?

Our engineers can help you assemble the machine and a detailed video of how the machine is operated can also be given. If necessary, we will also make a video call with you for guidance.

How long is the warranty period of your machine?

Our machines are guaranteed free of charge within one year, and replacement of important accessories can be provided within two years. In addition, as long as you purchase our products, you can enjoy our online technical support for life.

How long will your equipment be delivered?

Due to the huge stock of our standard machines, they can be shipped within two to three days. However, if you purchase a customized product, it depends on the specific circumstances.

How do you handle the shipment?

For small goods, we can send them directly to your factory. For large goods, we can provide you with the best shipping solutions to reduce your transportation costs.

Getting Started Questions

How is the performance of your machine?

We assure you that all of our machines are of superb performance and they can run at high loads for a long time and keep the failure rate low.

What is the quality of your accessories?

The accessories and components of our machines are all made of core well-known brands to ensure smooth operation.

Do you support customization?

Yes. Our professional R&D team can help you customize a machine model completely based on your specific requirements.

What is the composition of your technical staff?

Yes. Our professional R&D team can help you customize a machine model completely based on your specific requirements

Do you have any cases for us to refer to?

Yes. Exhibition photos, related certificates, customer endorsements can be offered to prove our professionalism.

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