Industrial Laminating Machine

Introduction to Industrial Laminating Machine

KEFAI industrial laminating machine is a special machine for laminating paper and film, not only for laminating large quantities of printed material, but also for laminating small quantities such as desktop automated office systems. It is suitable for colour printing, packaging paper, soft sheets and photo overmoulding to give a waterproof glossy, colourful surface.

Our industrial laminating machine is a pre-coated laminator. There are also cold laminators and hot laminators according to the laminating method. We also have small overwrapping laminating machine. If you want to know more information about industrial laminating machines, please contact us.

Expert in Laminating

As one of the industrial laminating machine manufacturers, KEFAI Machine has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and we have a wide range of solutions for laminating. The quality of our machines is guaranteed, our products have passed CE certification, and we are a powerful industrial laminator machine manufacturer, so you can purchase a suitable and cheap laminator machine here.

I believe we can do our best to serve you. If you want to know which type of laminating machine is best for your project, you can tell us your product category and needs. Our experts will recommend you the most right model to help your business get more benefits.

Industrial Laminating Machine1
Industrial Laminating Machine

Best Laminating Effect

KEFAI laminating machine is suitable for laminating a wide range of printed paper products made of different materials, and after laminating the product there are no air bubbles affecting the aesthetics, the finished product is flat and intact. The laminated products are not only wear-resistant, waterproof and oxidation-proof, they are also effective in preventing malicious damage, but they also look and feel better and improve quality. Therefore, KEFAI’s laminating machines are able to solve the problem of air bubbles and small snow spots completely and effectively. The majority of our customers are very happy with the result of this lamination.

Product Section

KEFAI laminating machine can help improve the wear resistance of the surface of your products.

Cold Lamination Machine
The pneumatic cold laminating machine is equipped with infrared rays to effectively prevent clamping, the laminating is accurate and beautiful, no wrinkling, and no deviation.
Hot Press Laminating Machine
KEFAI hot press machine for industrial laminate is suitable for many industries. It has an intelligent temperature adjustment system and can achieve rapid heating and high fit to the product.
Hot and Cold Lamination Machine
This is a small dual-purpose laminating machine that can be hot and cold laminating. It can be quickly preheated in three minutes. There are four rubber rollers, and the laminating is fast and smooth.
Roll Laminating Machine
The automatic laminating machine includes three parts: feeding, laminating, and discharging. It can be coated on one side or two sides. It uses rubber rollers with moderate hardness and durability, and the compaction force is uniform.
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Achieve the Promising Development Here

KEFAI laminating machine can protect your products during continuous production and transportation.

Information about Laminating Machine

What Our Customers Say

“I have bought and used it for some time now and the industrial lamination machine is so far very stable and laminates well. I recommend you all to buy a KEFAI laminating machine.”

—— Mr. Bob, a customer from the UK

“I have compared industrial laminating machines from many factories. I love KEFAI’s laminating machines because of their unique practicality and the excellent service I receive from KEFAI, it is hard not to choose one of their machines.”

—— Mr. Vex, a customer from Spain

“KEFAI industrial laminating machine price is cheap, that’s true. But what surprised me even more was that the quality of their machines was no worse than other expensive laminating machines.”

—— Mr. Arik, a customer from Morocco

The coating of the laminating machine can play a protective role. It can effectively protect the product, and prevent the surface of the product from being damaged by external factors such as scratches.
Improving Efficiency
Improving Efficiency
Single and double sided laminating makes the product clear and glossy. The laminator uses pre-coated film to laminate the top and bottom simultaneously, making it easier and faster to laminate both sides in one pass.
Reasonable Design
Reasonable Design
The design of the laminating machine is simple, the craftsmanship is exquisite, and it does not need to take up too much space. A desktop laminator machine is also supplied.
Easy to Operate
Easy to Operate
The temperature and speed can be set and adjusted freely. The industrial laminator machine is very small and simple, and even inexperienced personnel can quickly use it.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Industrial Laminating Machine

Will there be bubbles and wrinkles when using your laminator?

No. As long as the temperature and speed values of the product are set, such problems will not occur. Corresponding adjustments can be made according to the actual situation. If you don’t know how to adjust, you can contact us and tell us the problem, and our professional staff will tell you the solution.

What thickness of film is best for lamination?

If you want your finished print to achieve a strong effect, you can choose a thicker composite film. But if your print needs to be folded and other processes later, we recommend that the smaller the thickness of the laminated film, the better.

How to choose a good industrial laminating machine?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a laminator machine, such as the size of your document, the number of films you need to film at a time, the thickness of the film, and your expected cost. If you are unable to decide, you can communicate with us and we can give you some help.

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