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Introduction to Milk Packing Machine

Milk automatic packaging machine is a multi-functional equipment that can package liquid sauce materials, etc. With the advantages of economy and practicality, it packs various liquid products such as soy sauce, edible vinegar, milk, wine, white wine, sterilized drinks, fruit juice, milk, yogurt and soy milk in polyethylene plastic film and fills them into bags, which can fit various viscosity products.

KEFAI’s rapid packaging machines for milk, dairy products and other liquids all provide reliable, hygienic, efficient and accurate liquid packaging solutions. KEFAI milk packaging machines are equipped with advanced technology and continuous mechanical filling machines, we can provide versatile milk packaging solutions and we also offer a flexible and wide range of liquid filling machine products.

The Supplier of Great Reputation

KEFAI has the best milk packing machine. KEFAI milk packing equipment has many advantages. The milk packaging machine is fully automatic, the package is weighed accurately, the seal is neat, the cut is neat, and the package is beautiful.

After years of development, our packaging machine and filling machine series are sold well in domestic and foreign markets, with its high quality, excellent reputation, rich manufacturing experience and advanced technology, thoughtful pre and post-sales service throughout the country and even in foreign markets, well received by the majority of consumers praise and recognition.

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Excellent Performance

Milk packing machine package is commonly used for packaging of pure milk, pure yogurt and high-grade juice drinks, with a high degree of automation, much faster than manual packaging. The whole process of weighing and packing is unmanned, all relying on the machine to work automatically, and will automatically alarm if there is a malfunction.

Milk packaging machine has a complete set of production and CIP cleaning process control system, compact mechanical design, automatically complete the whole process of box opening, bottom sealing, sterilization, quantitative filling, top forming, sealing, date printing, finished product output, to improve packaging quality.

Product Section

KEFAI Machine is capable of meeting your requirements for the various parameters and specifications.

Milk Pouch Packing Machine
It is an automatic milk pouch packing machine. The versatile packaging machine is designed with sophistication and dedication to pack all kinds of liquids.
Milk Carton Packing Machine
It is a carton filling and sealing device. The workflow of the machine ranges from box making, capping, and finally to filling, sealing, and printing dates.
Milk Bottle Packing Machine
Milk glass bottle packing machine is a liquid filling line, including filling, capping, and packaging. If you need, we can also provide other integrated equipment.
Milk Packing Machine with Big Bag
The big bag milk packing machine can be applied to a wide range of liquid packaging and it is in a sealed space throughout the whole process.
Semi Auto Milk Packing Machine
KEFAI semi automatic milk packing machine cost less than automatic packaging machine, it is very suitable for new small companies.
Fully Automatic Milk Packing Machine
KEFAI fully automatic milk packing machine is used to pack milk bags from 200 to 1000ml of milk and can be equipped with safety front door.
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Information about Milk Packing Machine


Customer Reviews

“I bought a milk packet packing machinethere for packaging milk, specifically sent the bag to the KEFAI manufacturer, KEFAI do a good job of shooting video to show me the effect, the packaging effect is very good, the after-sales service is very responsible, KEFAI has the same over the video online guide us.”

—— Mr. Hale, a customer from the USA

“The liquid soy milkpackaging machine I have received, the machinery is 304 food-grade stainless steel material, strong and durable, can rest assured that the use of KEFAI very patient guidance w how to operate, the operation will not be very complicated simple to learn. Filling speed is very fast, greatly improving efficiency.”

—— Mr. Ken, a customer from Finland

“We have been using this machine for some time now, and we are very satisfied with the packaging effect, the smooth running of the machine, the good workmanship and the beautiful appearance.”

—— Mr. Mister, a customer from Luxembourg

Low Price
Much Cheaper
KEFAI has low cost milk packing machine price. We are committed to providing our customers with quality products at low prices.
Rapid Working
It’s a high speed milk packing machine. Its working speed is very fast, and the high-speed packaging machine can reach 25 bags per minute.
Easy to Clean
This packaging machine with waterproof design can be flushed with water, reducing the difficulty of cleaning and improving the service life of the machine.
Effortless Adjustment
The milk packing machine is quite efficient, and the replacement of the material variety of the packaged product can be completed in about ten minutes or less.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions


How does the milk packaging machine work?

The forming plate rolls the flat film into a tube with certain overlapping bands. Inside the tube, the liquid filling tube is wrapped. The tube is then passed through a vertical sealing tube, engaged and separated with the help of a pneumatic piston, or by mechanical means in the machine.

Which materials can be used for milk packaging?

Paper and paper-based products are the best packaging materials for milk and dairy products. They can be kraft paper, greaseproof paper, vegetable parchment, cellophane, wax-coated paper, plastic-coated paper, cardboard, solid fiberboard, linerboard, boxboard, etc.

What are the advantages of your milk packaging machine?

KEFAI milk packaging machine adds aseptic air system, sterilization of the box and aseptic environment of the material cylinder, increasing the function of aseptic packaging and improving the quality of packaging. Roof-shaped packaging machine for aseptic packaging is a new topic, to achieve true aseptic packaging, packaging equipment is the basis and premise of aseptic packaging, continuous improvement and practice, the choice of packaging materials, packaging workshop environment, etc. need to meet the requirements of aseptic packaging.

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