What are the categories of the filling machine?

In general, filling machine belong to the category of the the packing machine. The filling machine refers to a kind of device to fill granules, liquids, powders and other materials into packaging containers. Among these materials, liquid and paste products are the most commonly applied in filling machines. With the advance of  science and technology, the filling machine has got into a new period of vigorous development. Next, we will have a brief introduction to the categories of the filling machine.

Firstly, according to the type of materials, the filling machines can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, granule filling machine, etc.


Secondly, based on the degree of automation, the filling machine can be divided into semi automatic filling production line and fully automatic filling production line.


Thirdly, on the basis of the packaging container, the filling machine will be divided into bottle filling machine, can filling machine, jar filling machine, spout pouch filling machine, and so on.

Let’s keep subdividing, the bottle filling machine is able to be composed of round bottle filling machine, square bottle filling machine and special-shaped bottle filling based on the bottle shape. The bottle filling machine can also consist of glass bottle filling machine and glass bottle according to the bottle material.


Then, the can filling machine can be divided into aluminum can filling machine and tin can filling machine. The aluminum can filling machine is mainly used to fill liquids such as beer, carbonated drinks, sodas, while the tin can filling machine is extremely suitable for filling tea.


The jar filling machine is capable of being applied to fill pickles,chilli sauce, sweet pasta sauce, jam, mayonnaise, peanut butter, and so on. The spout pouch filling machine can be used to fill soy milk, milk, jelly, beverages, liquid detergent, seasoning powder, etc.

Lastly, according to the filling principle, the filling machine can be divided into atmospheric pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine, and vacuum filling machine. Atmospheric pressure filling machines are filled under normal atmospheric pressure by the self-weight of the liquid. Pressure-filling machines are filled at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure. Vacuum filling machines are filled at a pressure lower than atmospheric pressure in the bottle.


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