How to Choose Packaging Material Suitable for Packing Machinery?

As is known to all, different packaging machines for different packaging materials vary. In addition to the applicability of the material, the choice of packaging materials must also take into consideration the applicability of packaging machinery. In general, packaging machinery for packaging materials will not be too demanding, but at the same time there are certain applicability requirements. In other words, the selection of packaging materials of packing machines must meet the following three requirements.


  1. Uniformity of Materials: When the packaging machine is running, many processes including bag-making, filling, sealing are automatically controlled by itself with no human intervention. Therefore, the tensile rate of the packaging material, the intensity of the roll film, the treatment of static electricity, and whether the thickness is consistent are all related to the packaging effect and may increase the loss of the material.


  1. Thickness: For the thickness of the material, it is generally required to be above 50um. This is because too thin material is prone to lead to an increase in the deviation of automatic film supply, and the success rate of automatic bag opening will be greatly affected.


  1. Anti-Static Treatment: Many materials, especially ultra-fine micro-powders. are quite easy to stick to the seal, affecting the quality of the seal. the volume of film Therefore, the impact of static electricity on the sealing will be effectively reducedafter the antistatic treatment of the roll film. Of course, the general automatic packaging machines will also be equipped with an anti-static device.
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