Blueprint Guide to Pouch Packing Machine

A pouch packaging machine is a device of great excellence and wide recognition. KEFAI pouch packing equipment will always be your best choice of filling and sealing equipment due to the possession of the diverse packaging and sealing models.

KEFAI pouch packing device has gained a wide popularity due to its multiple packaging modes such as sachet (side seal bag), pillow bag(back seal bag), stick pack, stand-up pouch, spout pouch, triangle bag, zipper bag, bag in box, and so on. We do well in packaging devices, and own great reputation in the packaging machinery field.


The fluid bag packing device, pellet bag packing device, powder bag wrapping device are just part of what we sell. Multifunctional and supermatic, we will be able to perfectly achieve automatic pouch manufacturing measuring, filling and sealing, date printing, calculation and so on.

KEFAI Machine is a professional automatic vertical forming filling sealing machines(vffs machine) manufacturer for most pouch packaging application. Hot filling, cold, thick, and good liquidity are filled by KEFAI pouch packaging machines.

KEFAI pouch packaging machines are full of multifunctional packaging applications. KEFAI pouch packing machine is suitable for the packaging of liquid, sauce, butter, juice, water, cream, shampoo, lotion, cosmetic, snack, nuts, food, peanuts, popcorn, oatmeal, melon, seeds, jelly, sugar, salt, washing powder, milk powder, coffee, and many liquids, powders, granules, solids, and other products.

As a pouch packaging machinery expert, KEFAI Machine focuses on the innovation of equipment design and manufacturing, the improvement of technically progressive criterion and the customization of packing equipment so as to meet the requirement of moving faster and running smarter. KEFAI Machine can provide a complete horizontal filling/sealing machine for premade pouch and vertical forming/filling/sealing bagging machines for fluid capable of being pumped and semi-fluid commodities and some dry commodities.

Here are the operation videos for you to check:

Sachet Packaging Machine:

Zipper Bag Packing Machine:

Stick Bag Packing Machine:

Doypack Packing Machine:

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