3 Tips To Solve the Leakage of Liquid Packaging Machine

It is known that the liquid packaging machines are prone to leakage during use. Generally speaking, there are three main reasons for the liquid leakage. Next, we are going to talkabout how to fix the leaking problem of the liquid packaging equipment.


KEFAI automatic liquid packing machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen operation. By replacing different liquid pumps, the liquid packaging equipment can be used for filling liquid, mucus and paste. Our liquid packing machine can be applied to liquid spray alcohol, alcohol gel, face cream,hand sanitizer, disinfectant, paint, ketchup, jam, honey, oil, and so on.


The following are the three tips to help you solve the leakage problem:

1. In the beginning of your use of liquid packaging machine, due to certain features of the machine is not well tuned, will lead to sealing is not tight. But after the subsequent commissioning, the problem of liquid leakage will not occur.

2. It may be caused by too fast filling speed and liquid impact. You can reduce the filling speed by adjusting the frequency modulation speed of the filling.

3. One of the reasons for liquid leakage from the liquid packaging machine may be the sealing part of the clip material. This reminds you of the need for regular maintenance and cleaning of the equipment. Check the liquid packaging machine feeding system, filter the material and clean the pipes.

Have a look at the detail picture of the liquid packaging machine below.


The following table shows the parameters of our automatic liquid filling machine, which you can use for reference.


Filling volume 100-5000 ml (Can be customized according to your requirements)
Filling speed 2000-2200b/h for 500ml
Filling precision 1 ml
Filling head 2/4/6/8/10(Can be customized according to your requirements)
Bottle size 40-100mm(diameter); 80-300mm (height)
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Weight 700kg
Voltage 220V/110V; 50hz/60hz
Size 2440*1480*2610mm


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